Sunday, September 11, 2005

Well it's better than being pissed ON....

Stage Fright
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Lets get personal, shall we? Something has been bugging me lately and I really want to see if my brothers out there feel the same way I do about peeing. First note.

I hate when the people on the cover of magazines stare at me when I take a leak. Case in point. That photo of Matt Damon pointing sat atop our loo for about a week and a half. Every damn time I had to take a whizz, I had to contend with Will Hunting staring me down like a dad during potty-training. I was relieved when the new issue of PASTE arrived in the mail. This is a great magazine by the way. lots of good info on new bands and some great features about musicians. If you subscribe you get a free DVD and CD every issue! Pretty cool. Their film section is getting good too...but I digress.

The new issue of PASTE has those droll emo dudes Death Cab for Cutie on the cover. Now I have to contend with this:

every time I go pee. I feel like Tom Cruise during the orgy scene in "Eyes Wide Shut." Fidellio indeed.


Why do people put low hanging mirrors behind their toilets? I can't freeking stand that! You go in to take a leak and you have to like...stare at yourself while you do it. If and when we ever buy a house, I will not have a mirror behind the toilet. It serves NO purpose either. Why do people have that sort of thing in their bathrooms?? What possible reason could there be to have a mirror located there? Lame.