Friday, June 29, 2007

Annnnd...I'm an UNCLE!!

My lil sister Kiff gave birth to a baby GIRL TODAY!! Yay Kiff!! As you can see from the photos, the baby looks like Kiff if she was a really pissed off old lady. If you've never met my sister you know what she would look like if you met her in like, 60 years and her soup was cold.

Anyway, I'm super excited and proud and thrilled to be an UNCLE! I also think Kiff and her husband Chris are totally awesome people so I'm super happy for them as well.

GO KIFF!! Now we just have to think of a pointless, yet catchy nickname for little Elisabeth Jean....E.J.? Lizzy-J? Rest easy, I'm on the case!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

R.I.P. Shooter

Bad news for Giants fans as my personal all-time favorite Giants closer, the amazing Rod Beck was found dead in his home today. He was only 38. While I don't have a specific Rod Beck memory, I just remember him bringing a smile to my face when he came into games. He was fat, had a mullet and that burly 'stache and as he looked in for the sign, he'd always dangle his arm and swing it back and forth. Sure, it was all an act and no one knew that better than Beck. And then he'd strike your ass out.

As of now, there's no details on what his cause of death was, but I'm sure it'll turn out to be something shitty. Apparently he had gone to rehab for substance abuse in 2004. Plus he smoked like a chimney and apparently drank like a champ. Man, what a drag.

Read an excellent article abour Beck by the outstanding sports writer Henry Schulman HERE.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Best video ever...'s you...


When I heard the news that one of my top 5 all-time favorite bands was playing the PETALUMA FAIR I squealed like a little girl as I drove my car through town. I. Love. Cheap. Trick! I've seen em 2-3 times but never in the friendly confines of my hometown...and it's going to be SWEEEEeeet! If you're reading this and can make it, come on down!! Pics to follow!

p.s. When I took a shuttle from the airport to my car after Cinevegas, the guy driving me had his name on a placard in the van. I took a photo and that's it! (Ed. note his name was "Surendra" in, "Surendra, surendra...but don't give yourself away...)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Home is where the nap is...

I made it back from Boston and I'm beat! I have friends who travel all the time, sometimes from city to city and hotel to hotel for months in a row. I don't know how they do it. Flying knocks me out and my nightbird lifestyle certainly doesn't help. I've also recently discovered the secret and joy of sleeping entirely through the night (hint: prescription drugs) and it's made me increasingly lazy. Or increasingly restful. Whereas I used to wake up every hour on the hour for five hours prior to when I needed to be up, now I'm out like a light. It's great but sometimes I just go back to a normal person.

Anyway...Boston was incredible! I am now a Red Sox fan. I think everyone besides Yankee and A's fans kind of have a soft spot for the Red Sox, but being in that atmosphere was an incredible experience. I LOVE baseball and being in a stadium full of people who love their team (and aren't showing off for clients, yakking on their cell phones or reading the paper) was refreshing. People stood and cheered for every second strike, hoping for the K. Plus, the Red Sox not only have a great team, they're balanced in every sense of the word. Sluggers & superstars (Papi and Ramirez), working class players (Youklis), local heroes (Papelbon, Pedroia)....strikeout pitchers (Dice-K, Schilling the prick), a knuckleballer (Wakefield), a CLOSER (remember what those look like feloow Giants fans?) and some goats (Julio Lugo and JD Drew...although Drew seems to be coming on).

The worst part of the trip: THE GIANTS. Seriously, watching my team stink to high heaven with absolutely no hope of winning shit this year was the worst part.

But I'm back now and my job becomes the real deal (as in, 8 hours a day) for the next 2-3 months. I also have a new doc me and John are shooting and I'm going to attempt to write a short film and then, at summers end, get started on a feature script. Or maybe an outline that I want to shoot with some improv actors. I dunno. I'm ready to get back to work! Work on movie stuff that is.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Boston Days 2 & 3

I was out late last night and got up early today to tour Fenway, so I'll combine yesterday and today into one post.

The game yesterday was a blast! Fenway is everything AT&T wishes it was. The atmosphere is unreal, the fans are IN to the games and the whole experience is amazing.

We got to the park early for BP and walked right down next to the Giants dugout. As batting practice went on, some local TV crew started asking gathered fans what they plan to do when Barry comes up. The Sox fan next to me got all up in arms..."I'm gonna boo him! He's a cheater, a bum...a disgrace to the game of baseball!!" About 30 seconds after his little diatribe, Barry came out of the dugout for BP and the very same guy starts snapping pictures of Barry like crazy. I ask the guy, "If you're gonna boo this disgrace...why are you taking so many pictures?!" He got all pissy and we started arguing. His point of contention is that ONLY SF fans like and cheer Barry. I said, "You ever see the reception Schilling gets on the road?" Apparently that didn't equal the hatred for Bonds. At this point, Barry was signing autographs for kids...what a jerk. I was laughing.

The guy next to the picture taker decides to regale me with a story with the point being, Barry has no class. In this guys story, his brother in law is at the Red Sox/Brewers game when Aaron was with them. In the middle of the game, Aaron came into the stands to sign an autograph for this guys brother in law. After this well drawn story that really did have the conclusion that Bonds had no class, the following exchange occured...

Me: Soooo...Hank Aaron who got death threats because he was black and broke the Babes record walked OFF the field in the game, BOSTON...the last team to integrate in baseball...went into the stands and signed an autograph for your brother in law.

Fat Guy: That's right.
Me: That seems a little far fetched.
Fat Guy: You callin' me a liar?
Me:..............uhh......well, not a liar...but it seems fishy.

Then Barry got in the cage and bailed me out. Having really only seen barry on the road in Oakland and L.A. (who's fans are lame) I really had no grasp on how truly HATED he is. Sure, you hear the boos on TV, but being in the actual environment is really kind of hostile and uncomfortable. There's a true, deep, visceral hatred for Barry Bonds and it's really kind of scary to me. It's one thing to boo a player, but I felt like the boos and taunts Barry got had no sense of fun or joy behind them as they do with A-Rod or Damon. In fact last night at the game the guy behind me said the response to Bonds seemed more brutal than the one the Yankees get.

The game last night, as you saw, was horrendous. Who knew Julian Tavarez could channel Cy Young. This team is AWFUL. Simply terrible. I was surprised I didn't take much flak from fans, hardly any at all. The people around me booed Bonds but didn't really me. It was the way it should be done. All the fans I met were extremely, extremely cool. Asking questions about our park, our teams chances (hahahah!) and the whole Bonds thing. It was very social. In fact the scuzziest fams I met all weekend were Giants fans. A bunch of frigging sailors on shore leave embarrassing me and my team. During a moment of silence for a departed Boston sports writer, some jackass yelled "Go Giants!" Granted, I met a bunch of COOL Giants fans here but there's some bad apples in town and that was annoying.

Fenway park is incredible. The seats we had were brutal for both days-wooden with NO leg room. I'm 6"4 so I'm used to little leg room, but it was rough today on my booty and legs. Again, the whole atmosphere around the park is electric. Today, the fans were on their feet for every 2 strike count...cheering their team on. It felt like the game was big and mattered and it did, to Red Sox fans. They LOVE their team and they should. They're solid all the way around and have 2 GREAT young farm players (Pedroia and Youklis) who are going to be around for a while The Red Sox are the anti-Giants. I also LOVED the classic "Sweet Caroline" singalong that happens in the 8th. I don't know if they showed it on TV, but it's pretty funny.

I'm contemplating going to the game tomorrow, but might just hang out at a pub near the park. That's as much fun as being IN the park, and beers cheaper. Plus, I really think I hate this Giants team. I know hates a strong word, but that's why I use it.


p.s. Go Boston!

Boston Pics

Friday, June 15, 2007

Boston...Day 1

We got into Boston around 3:00 yesterday and after dropping off our stuff at the hotel, we headed over to Fenway to take a look around. I didn't realize they were playing the Rockies...but I didn't want to pop my Fenway cherry on them. We walked around the outside of the park and took it all in. I love the way there's a whole ballpark culture here, unlike the half-assed one in San Francisco.

Here, everyone has on their Sox gear and they just...hang out. There's all kinds of yummy smelling food being cooked and lots of classic Bostonian accents baring out "Scorecaaaads!" Or..."Get your Yoooook joysey herahh." You get the idea.

After checking out the scene, we headed over to the Baseball Tavern to get some food. The place was about 1/2 a block from Fenway and was packed with Sox fans chugging down cheaper beers and jawing about the team. It felt like a small town bar, everyone was hanging out, chatting, laughing. About 15 minutes before game time, it was like someone hit a switch. Beer bottles tipped up and the place emptied en masse. After some good grub we decided to hang out and watch the game at the Tavern.

My mom took off after about an hour but never one to leave a bar, I watched the whole game and took in the vibe. I gotta say, eveyone was super friendly. I talked to a bunch of people and no one gave me crap for being a Giants fan. I figured I'd get some questions regarding my sexuality or Bonds...but I didn't. One guy asked if I liked Bonds and I said "yeah" and then I quickly added "with Schilling, JD Drew and Manny on your team, you know what it's like to have talent that's a little nutty."

The Red Sox were getting stomped and slowly the bar began to fill back up. After they pulled Josh Beckett, the bar really got packed. Lots of cute girls wearing their Boston hats and shirts. I saw a TON of Ortiz shirts and jersies as well as a bunch of Papelbon, Varitek and Youklis gear, but hardly any Manny stuff and NO Schilling stuff. I thought that was odd. I hung out for a while, watched the end of the boring ass NBA finals and headed home.

Today, we go to the game. I hope Zito steps up and quits letting the AL own him. And, I hope Barry goes yaaaaahd.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Robert Rodriguez's 10 minute cooking school...

Sweeeet...and yummy. I'm really just putting this up so I can make the dish later and not have to find it on the internets. But it does look good...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Where to begin...or end

As you may have noticed, there's a "Cinevegas: Day 1" entry and that's all. That's because I'M IN LAS VEGAS!!! The festival is really, really great but just as exhausting as any other. Thankfully, most screenings don't start until 1:00 p.m. or later which is very considerate of festival programmers Trevor Groth and Mike Plante. However, if you're going to sit in the hotel bar drinking Coors Light until 4:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. comes quickly. I've actually been pretty good with my money and partying after getting hosed that first night. As much as I love this festival, Vegas I can do without. I'll write more on that later.

I've seen some really great films. One was "Choose Connor" and the other was "The Living Wake." "Choose Connor" is about this kid who wants to get into politics and lands a job on the campaign of a congressman trying to upgrade to the senate. Once in the fold this kid finds out just how diabolical and sleazy politics really is. There's much more to it than that but what really blew me away was that the writer director isn't even 21 yet and this film is totally solid.

"The Living Wake" is simply amazing. It's this ridiculous movie about a man who finds out he's going to die that evening. He decides to make ammends with people and invite friends, enemies and new aquaintances to his living wake. Word cannot do this film justice. I was grinning the whole way through and can't wait to see it again. Reviews for both are on Film Threat (

I've hit a few parties and they're fun and just outrageous. A few times I've found myself in the cabanas at the Palms which is where all the rich celebs go to party. I'm constantly feeling like I don't belong but free drinks make me feel a little more at home. I haven't gambled much, although I did get a little sucked in Thursday night after Mark called it a night. But I only dropped a little over $100.

Todays my last day and then I'm out which is good and bad. This festival is weird in that it's backloaded. There's a bunch of great stuff now but later in the week there's three tributes (Chalize Theron, Anothony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley) and some bigger premieres. But I really don't think I could last much longer financially or physically. Everything is expensive here. I guess I'm nore of a Reno/Tahoe guy than a Vegas guy. But, I am now and will forever more be a Cinevegas guy!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Coolest kid...ever


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cinevegas Day 1...

I rolled into Las Vegas around 2:00 yesterday for the Cinevegas film festival. What had started as a huge team of Film Threat people got whittled down to me and my good buddy Mark Bell. Fine by me! I got to our digs at Planet Hollywood and checed in. As Borat would say, "verrrrry niiiiice!" I chilled for a few, took a shower and went to blow a few bucks gambling. Nice, huh? I broke even and then Mark and I headed to the "Red Carpet" for "Oceans 13."

I've never really been on a red carpet and this was a pretty monstrous first red carpet. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Ellen Barkin, Don Cheadle...Matt Damon. They were all there and mark and I were squashed along the ropes trying to take pictures. I took some and so did Mark and I've posted them below. Marks are at: but I think I took those too. I dunno. It was nuts! I don't get star struck unless it's by someone I really, really, really like...and that's not celebrities. But motherfucking George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon? Come on. It got me pretty much like a kid in a candy store to be 5 feet away from those guys.

After the red carpet clusterfuck, we went into the screening and saw the movie. It's pretty awesome! I mean, it's silly and pretty impossible to do what they do (and have done in all the "Oceans" movies) but all the characters are great as always, there's some plot twists..yadda yadda. If you like the other ones, you'll love this one. So Mark and I sat front row for that and then ehaded to the Playboy Club for an invite only after-party.

Trent (from five a.m.) and I always talk about how weird it is doing something that isn't really "work" because it's not 9-5 and doesn't pay the bills...but it's what you truly want to do. Then, you do it and it's frigging awesome, then you're back to work at your real job. Rather than take the defeatist approach I always take (as in, "yeah, this is great...but it's back to real life Monday") I decided to think backwards from that. For instance, last night, we saw a huge movie premiere with the biggest stars alive. Then, we went to a party on top of a hotel in Vegas with about 15 half naked chicks dancing around. Drinks were free too. Then, thinking back to the day before, I was playing Uno with four 8 year olds at work. When you look at it backwards, it becomes really pretty funny rather than frustrating.

One thing that sucked was, we were having fun at the Playboy Club (duh) but when the party ended, the drinks cost money. "Hey," I thought, "this is Vegas...they practially give booze away!" So I got me and mark 2 more rounds. Then it got crowded so I settled my bill. $45.00. Damn. It. They got me good.

Anyway, I'm having fun and might lay low and have some drinks today. There's a movie I want to see, but it also plays tomorrow at 3:00 so we'll see. Stay tuned for more tales of screwage, celebrity and debauchery...

Cinevegas pics...

These photos were taken with my camera phone....I can't find the cord to my digital camera was is extremely frustrating. Grrr...

Wayne Newton

Don Cheadle

Matt Damon and George Clooney

Crappy Group Shot

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I noticed these cans recently when I was in the supermarket in Calistoga. They were next to cans of Haggis but I couldn't fit those in the photo. Must be the "nasty fucked up food" isle.

I'm off to VEGAS tomorrow until Monday. I'll be at Cinevegas which should be a hoot. Stay tuned here, at Film Threat and my blog at Petaluma 360 for updates. The Film Threat stuff will be reviews and possibly blogs over there as they pertain to the site, Petaluma 360 will be more geared towards Petaluma/small town type stuff and this one will be a free for all. Nothing like surfing the net for me me me me me!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Funny things I've heard lately...

I tend to really listen to, notice...take in pretty much everything around me. While it helps keep me entertained and, I feel, helps me with my screenwriting, it also frequently gets me pissed off (because people are so. frigging. stupid.) However sometimes it's just funny. For instance...

A few weeks ago, my elderly neighbor and his wife were moving to a "Retiree Community." Their son bought their house and they were going to move down the road a spell to this nice golf course community for old folks. As Tom (the neighbor) was getting in his truck to leave, we chatted for a few minutes and I asked him where they were headed. He told me about the old folks community and I said, "Oh, it's nice over there. I've played golf on their course a few times."

Tom kind of smiled and says, "'s nice alright. You walk in on your own two feet and by the time you leave, they carry you out feet first."

Last weekend (Memorial Day) I woke up Sunday morning with a big hangover. Igby was on the bed being squirmy so I rolled over and pet him as I opened my eyes. I noticed his left eye was swollen shut. Since he's got kind of gooey eyes, I thought it was just build up, so I pried it open. When I got a better look, it seemed like someone had taken a fork and scrambled his pupil like an egg. I freaked out!! It was super red and the black pupil was like...all distorted.

Erica was out of town so I pulled myself together and went to the emergency vet. It took over 3 hours. Ugh. Plus, I'm kind of new to the pet owner world so I was ill-prepared for those weird people who's whole life is their pet. This one woman was there with her lameass little Spaniel and I had to listen to a run down of her dogs recent injuries as I waited for the vet to finish fixing Igby's jacked up eye.

Finally (thankfully) the vet brought Igby out and he (Igby, not the vet) proceeded to sniff the other dogs and be his usual gregarious self. After all the other owners "oooohed" and "awwwed" Igby, I put him on his leash and went to the counter to do paperwork. The annoying ladies Spaniel kind of followed us and they were sniffing each other and whatnot. As I signed my credit card bill, I heard her yank her Spaniel away from Igby and bring the dog back across the room. She goes, " stay away from that little doggie...he just wants to have sex with you."

Igby's fixed so it made me kind of laugh to myself. Now I feel like I should have told her not to get her shitty little dogs hopes up. Frigging skanky little Spaniel.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Snoop doggy doggy dog og og

Many people know that Charles Schultz lived in Santa Rosa, CA...where I live. I hate this town, but that's not the point of this entry. Each year or so the town gets all decorated with these big ole Peanuts statues. A few years back it was Charlie Brown and then there was Woodstock. Different businesses buy the statue and then decorated them however they see fit. It's pretty cool. This years statue is Snoopy and Woodstock so there's all these Snoopy and Woodstock statues all over town. Here's some photos I took during a recent trip downtown...

Boozehound Snoopy. He's holding a glass of wine and has apparently been stomping grapes...or Grimaces brains out.

Skater Snoopy.

Gay Pride Snoopy....or, rainbow Snoopy is you're not a smartass like me.

Egyptian Snoopy!!

I hope next year they'll have some lesser known Peanuts character like Franklin or Marcy. That would kick ass.