Friday, June 29, 2007

Annnnd...I'm an UNCLE!!

My lil sister Kiff gave birth to a baby GIRL TODAY!! Yay Kiff!! As you can see from the photos, the baby looks like Kiff if she was a really pissed off old lady. If you've never met my sister you know what she would look like if you met her in like, 60 years and her soup was cold.

Anyway, I'm super excited and proud and thrilled to be an UNCLE! I also think Kiff and her husband Chris are totally awesome people so I'm super happy for them as well.

GO KIFF!! Now we just have to think of a pointless, yet catchy nickname for little Elisabeth Jean....E.J.? Lizzy-J? Rest easy, I'm on the case!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the awsome kudo of posting a blog about us. Man yur too cool. thanks for being a grat brother in law.

Anonymous said...

Man, I've never been blogged about before, that I know of.
Thank you so much for the kind words!
I love you!