Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Home is where the nap is...

I made it back from Boston and I'm beat! I have friends who travel all the time, sometimes from city to city and hotel to hotel for months in a row. I don't know how they do it. Flying knocks me out and my nightbird lifestyle certainly doesn't help. I've also recently discovered the secret and joy of sleeping entirely through the night (hint: prescription drugs) and it's made me increasingly lazy. Or increasingly restful. Whereas I used to wake up every hour on the hour for five hours prior to when I needed to be up, now I'm out like a light. It's great but sometimes I just go back to sleep...like a normal person.

Anyway...Boston was incredible! I am now a Red Sox fan. I think everyone besides Yankee and A's fans kind of have a soft spot for the Red Sox, but being in that atmosphere was an incredible experience. I LOVE baseball and being in a stadium full of people who love their team (and aren't showing off for clients, yakking on their cell phones or reading the paper) was refreshing. People stood and cheered for every second strike, hoping for the K. Plus, the Red Sox not only have a great team, they're balanced in every sense of the word. Sluggers & superstars (Papi and Ramirez), working class players (Youklis), local heroes (Papelbon, Pedroia)....strikeout pitchers (Dice-K, Schilling the prick), a knuckleballer (Wakefield), a CLOSER (remember what those look like feloow Giants fans?) and some goats (Julio Lugo and JD Drew...although Drew seems to be coming on).

The worst part of the trip: THE GIANTS. Seriously, watching my team stink to high heaven with absolutely no hope of winning shit this year was the worst part.

But I'm back now and my job becomes the real deal (as in, 8 hours a day) for the next 2-3 months. I also have a new doc me and John are shooting and I'm going to attempt to write a short film and then, at summers end, get started on a feature script. Or maybe an outline that I want to shoot with some improv actors. I dunno. I'm ready to get back to work! Work on movie stuff that is.

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