Saturday, June 02, 2007

Snoop doggy doggy dog og og

Many people know that Charles Schultz lived in Santa Rosa, CA...where I live. I hate this town, but that's not the point of this entry. Each year or so the town gets all decorated with these big ole Peanuts statues. A few years back it was Charlie Brown and then there was Woodstock. Different businesses buy the statue and then decorated them however they see fit. It's pretty cool. This years statue is Snoopy and Woodstock so there's all these Snoopy and Woodstock statues all over town. Here's some photos I took during a recent trip downtown...

Boozehound Snoopy. He's holding a glass of wine and has apparently been stomping grapes...or Grimaces brains out.

Skater Snoopy.

Gay Pride Snoopy....or, rainbow Snoopy is you're not a smartass like me.

Egyptian Snoopy!!

I hope next year they'll have some lesser known Peanuts character like Franklin or Marcy. That would kick ass.

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