Friday, June 15, 2007

Boston...Day 1

We got into Boston around 3:00 yesterday and after dropping off our stuff at the hotel, we headed over to Fenway to take a look around. I didn't realize they were playing the Rockies...but I didn't want to pop my Fenway cherry on them. We walked around the outside of the park and took it all in. I love the way there's a whole ballpark culture here, unlike the half-assed one in San Francisco.

Here, everyone has on their Sox gear and they just...hang out. There's all kinds of yummy smelling food being cooked and lots of classic Bostonian accents baring out "Scorecaaaads!" Or..."Get your Yoooook joysey herahh." You get the idea.

After checking out the scene, we headed over to the Baseball Tavern to get some food. The place was about 1/2 a block from Fenway and was packed with Sox fans chugging down cheaper beers and jawing about the team. It felt like a small town bar, everyone was hanging out, chatting, laughing. About 15 minutes before game time, it was like someone hit a switch. Beer bottles tipped up and the place emptied en masse. After some good grub we decided to hang out and watch the game at the Tavern.

My mom took off after about an hour but never one to leave a bar, I watched the whole game and took in the vibe. I gotta say, eveyone was super friendly. I talked to a bunch of people and no one gave me crap for being a Giants fan. I figured I'd get some questions regarding my sexuality or Bonds...but I didn't. One guy asked if I liked Bonds and I said "yeah" and then I quickly added "with Schilling, JD Drew and Manny on your team, you know what it's like to have talent that's a little nutty."

The Red Sox were getting stomped and slowly the bar began to fill back up. After they pulled Josh Beckett, the bar really got packed. Lots of cute girls wearing their Boston hats and shirts. I saw a TON of Ortiz shirts and jersies as well as a bunch of Papelbon, Varitek and Youklis gear, but hardly any Manny stuff and NO Schilling stuff. I thought that was odd. I hung out for a while, watched the end of the boring ass NBA finals and headed home.

Today, we go to the game. I hope Zito steps up and quits letting the AL own him. And, I hope Barry goes yaaaaahd.

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