Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Darlin' don't you go and cut your hair....

dan's barber shop 3
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With the 3 day Memorial Day weekend upon us, I set out to do what any other bored American male should do on a 3 day weekend: Drink beer.

I started off at McNears where local radio personalities Sarah and the oh-so-cleverly named "No Name" were doing a radio shin dig. I hate their show, but they often have Kevin Smith on so I occasionally listen. Plus, my band is having their CD release there June 11 and we wanted to hand out postcards. See! I have an excuse for slumming it with piss poor radio personalities.

The promoting of the show went really, really well and I hope it helps our draw. But....people who are fans of radio personalities are fucking weird. I understand it's the job of local radio people to make
the show feel like it belongs to the fans. But, and I've noticed this when listening as well, you don't actually know these hosts. They aren't your "friend." Still, over 200 people crammed in this little party room to hob-nob with No-Name and other b-list radio personalities and it was just plain creepy. I saw 2 or 3 girls come up to these radio hosts and go "Ohh, No-Name...I'm Jamie -Lee, I called last month about the monsoon season in Tibet" (or whatever) and these poor shmoes have to pretend like they give a shit. It was sad. Anyway...

After that, I cruised over to my favorite local hang-out which will remain nameless due to the nature of the following story. The person involved could get mad at me. The place has really good beer and I can sometimes manage to snap off a halfway decent conversation about music or movies there. Key word: sometimes. So after 2-3 pints, the head chef comes out. She and I have a love/hate relationship. I always manage to say just the wrong thing and when I do, she smells blood in the water and never lets me off the hook. Oh, by the way, she's a full-on butch lesbian. Insert typical "but that's cool with me" backpedalling here..but it's true. I really don't care and I actually like her quite a bit.

So, she walks out of the kitchen looking very peppy and kind of...trim or...glowing. I go, "oh, _____ you seem really happy. You look really trim or sleek or something. Did you get a haircut? She laughs and tells me, "No...I just got back from having my breasts removed." Gulp. This was done for purely aesthetic purposes by the way and I have to admit, the intended look definitely happened. It just struck me as funny that one persons breast removal is another guys haircut.

Saturday, May 28, 2005


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So...since I'm forever late on blogging, I thought I'd share what I did last weekend. Every Spring, local radio station KFOGhas this big ole shin-dig in San Francisco. They have bands, beer, food and the BEST fireworks show ever. I don't know how they do it or what they do to make it so freeking cool...but it's simply awesome. The bands this year were sort of lacking, especially considering Wilco, The Old 97's and other bands I like have played before. This year was Kathleen Edwards (who was great) John Butler Trio (who I liked better when they were called Ben Harper) and The Wallflowers who somehow keep growing on me. Matt got me into the VIP area so I spent most of the Wallflowers set drinking free beer and rehearsing for the photo below this one. But the Wallflowers sounded great, from what I could hear. I even got to harass "Rock Star Whore" Nic throughout the day which is always a highlight. Nic's guaranteed to love any male with some semblance of good looks if he's on stage holding a guitar. She fought her way to near the front just to snap a pic of the Fruit of Mr. Zimmerman's loins.
When the day was over, we were beat but had a GREAT time! We took a taxi back to Sausalito where we were lucky enough to have some Russian taxi driver who was kind enough to point out all the shortcomings of America. In a followup story to "America's education system is lacking," "beer is good" and "water is wet." Thanks, ya damn pinko commie.

Spot the drunk guy!

Spot the drunk guy!
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I have no clue what's going on here. i mean, clearly I'm drunk...but look at my hand (the one on the hot chick dressed in blacks shoulder). Sweet Christ! When did I become lobster hands Lewis? The other, less intoxicated people in the photo are (l-r) Nic, Matt, retardo the drunk ass, Erica, (my wife) and
1/2 of our friend Mary-Colleens face.

Ahhh...the City.

Ahhh...the City.
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This is a shot of the ferry terminal as we approached San Francisco last Saturday. I still find it hi-larious whenever I hear the word "ferry"...considering San Francisco's reputation. I particularly like when someone says "Oh, you guys rode the ferry?"

Thursday, May 26, 2005

A long time ago....

Nerd Alert
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So yeah. I'm a flake on my own damn blog. I was supposed to be giving updates on my STAR WARS viewing and a mini SITH review but I completely dropped the ball. My bad. I did take a photo of the theater marquee...you can see it here. Yay. Whatta dork. As I mentioned about REVENGE OF THE SITH, I absolutely and totally loved it. I loved the build up. I loved cutting work...err...getting sick and deciding to go to the movies. I loved the people in sleeping bags out front. And, most importantly, I loved the movie.
In a way I'm more angry about the other 2 prequels because this one was so good, I wonder what the hell was going on with the last two. Episode one was a total waste of time, energy and anything else. Episode 2 was slightly better. I actually liked it quite a bit but mostly because of Yoda.
Episode Three does NOT screw around. Heads, arms and legs get chopped off and a general mood of darkness settles in pretty quick. I don't want to give anything way but I will say that by the end, I truly felt a sense of closure. It felt good that something that started for me when I was 5 or 6 ended in a good way. Hard to believe that these films have basically been with me my whole life and now I'll probably never see another new one.
Kinda sad...but kinda neat too. It's not like I sat around waiting for new STAR WARS installments, but they've always been there. Now I'll have to move on to something else or become an incurable dork who collects every STAR WARS releated item he can find. Only time will tell if I choose the way of the Jedi or the Sith...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

You are my father?

Aww dad
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Just got in from REVENGE OF THE SITH and looooved it. But I want to digest it a little more before I post. Also, I conked out during ATTACK OF THE CLONES so no re-review. Not because it was bad, moreso because I've been fighting a cold.

So on a previous blog, I mentioned I raced all over town trying to find copies of THE PHANTOM MENACE and ATTACK OF THE CLONES only to find them all rented and/or purchased. I forgot to add my own little Luke/Annakin Father/Son happenning to the anecdote.
I've lived here for over 25 years and my parents have lived in the same house all that time. We've also rented from the same video store over all that time...well, until I moved. I also have an account at a larger chain store NOT named BLOCKBUSTER. So I head to the stalwart indie video store of my youth and after discovering no STAR WARS, I decide to rent IN GOOD COMPANY which I loved the first time and had originally seen without my wife. I figured a little
Scarlett Johansson would make the lack of Lucas's stunning writing all O.K.

So I grab the flick and head to the counter. I kick the digits and the girl goes..."are you Don Lewis Senior or Junior?" I go.."Junior, why?" She gets that look on her face that says "minimum wage isn't high enough to have to say things like this" and goes, "well...it says on here not to rent to Don Lewis Jr." My dad had blocked me from the account. The account we've had on the phone number we've, well they've had for years. I had just used the account maybe 6 months ago and turned the movie back in on time as well.

To make matters worse there was a "description" of me in the computer. The girl read it to me (apparently so I'd really believe I was blocked or due to my high security threat) and it read "tall...brown hair...around 27 years old." Nice one, pops...I'm over 30.

I opened my own account in about 90 seconds...but still. What a dick. I know it was him too because my mom doesn't rent movies. It's nice to know that you don't have to be a Jedi to want to kick your dads ass.

Monday, May 16, 2005

You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone...

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Unless you live under a rock, you know that the "final" installment of STAR WARS hits theaters this Thursday. Now, if you're not excited you're either:
A) Female
B) A stick-in-the mud
C) Some uber-chic wannabe jackass
D) Still living under the aforementioned rock.

I'm excited...in a big way. So much so that I think I have a case of "Sith Fever" set to hit Thursday and I won't be able to come into work.

Now, I know the last 2 STAR WARS films have sucked mightily. They're especially galling to me as a screenwriter because George Lucas does every Screenwriting 101 no-no in both films. If you're Charlie Kaufman or Jean Luc Godard , hey...knock yourself out. Those guys mess with screenwriting in creative and exciting ways. Lucas merely wallows in cliches, hackery, cheese and the worst of all offenses, exposition through dialogue.

Yet I'm still excited and I know millions of people are as well. How do I know this you ask? Because as I got off work I decided to have a little STAR WARS prequel marathon this week. I went to THREE different video stores to wither buy or rent the prequels and all four stores said "Yes, we have no Padme." They also had no Annakin, Jar-Jar or Obi-wan for that matter.

Bag on the films and the die-hard fans all you want but we're never going to see a social/cinematic experience like this again. I'm glad I care enough to enjoy it while it's still here. I mean, sure. I loved the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy and was there for the first screening all three times. But I also know that parts 1 & 2 didn't fly off store shelves the way CLONE WARS and PHANTOM MENACE have as we speak.

Stay tuned for more STAR WARS musings that will take you right up to the release this Thursday. I'm seeing the 12:00 (noon) show at Lucas's favorite theater in Corte Madera, CA.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Bruce at the Paramount

Also strange but cool was his set list. He of course played alot off the new album "Devils and Dust" and those songs sounded great. They're very introspective and reminded me that Bruce is like, 55 years old! The only real "hit" was "The Rising" and even that's not really a hit. Some highlights were "Youngstown" off his "The Ghost of Tom Joad" album as well as "My Best Was Never Good Enough"
from the same album. "Racing in the Street" isn't one of my faves, but he did a nice version of it on the piano and dedicated it to Monte Hellman. He also did "Nebraska," "The River," "Johnny 99" and a killer version of "The Promised Land." I also have to admit to not being as big a fan as I thought I was as I didnn't recognize half the songs. But in a way, that was really cool. I was totally engrossed by the show even though I was lost set-list wise. As I started to get a little sleepy, I looked at my watch and saw he had been playing for just over 2 hours! It seemed like an hour at most.

The show was really somber and intense and Bruce again asked people not to applaud in the beginning of songs. It was funny because he seemed to think people were clapping to give him positive feedback. Some may have been but my friend Chuck pointed something out to me after seeing a recent Paul Westerberg show. He said when people shout obscure requests they're really doing it to show off to everyone that they are HUGE fans and that they know alllll the songs. I had never thought of that before and Chuck is right. I think the same can be said for people who go nuts when an obscure song gets played. "Lookit me! I know this song! You probably don't!" I'm sure that's not the case for everyone, but it rings true if you think about it.

Anyway....Bruce Springsteen remains an idol of mine. He rules because he is who he is. He tried to sell out in the 80's when he married that starlet and released those 2 cheesy albums "Lucky Town" and "Tunnel of Love," but the selling out didn't take. He got a divorce, moved back to Jersey and married Patty Scalfia..but maybe not in that order. He not only plays his heart out, he makes music that can be fun, thought provoking and socially powerful. But, he never preaches. He lets his music talk for him. Bruce is the man.


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In an effort to avoid scalpers, tickets could only be picked up in person the day of the show. You had to have your I.D. and the credit card you used to buy the tickets and after they saw that, in you went. No lolly-gagging, no going back to the car for bong hits or beer. In you go. But the line was like the one at Space Mountain! We lined up across the street from the venue and then headed into an adjacent parking lot. Once in the lot, the line snaked around in a seried of 3-4 switchbacks. If you were flying over, it probably looked like we were in some crazy maze. After the switchbacks, we went out of the parking lot, back around the parking lot and into the venue. It was crazy. Plus, I had drank about 1/2 gallon of water at work and was having a red level pee attack.

Anyway...I made it in and after relieving myself, I was glad I did. Bruce walked out at about 8:15 solo. He asked the audience to turn off their cell phones or else he'd "run through the audience with a chainsaw." He also asked people not to sing or clap along as it would throw him off. It seemed weird, but as the show progressed, it all made sense. Bruce simply owned the stage and the crowd. Having seen the guy run around for 3 plus hours with the E Street band, it was quite a change to see him alone onstage playing guitar, piano and organ. For a couple of songs he just stomped his foot, played harmonica and sang through this old fashioned mic that was all distorted. Very cool.

"Ain't no sin to be glad you're alive..."

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I'm a pretty big fan of Bruce Springsteen. I'm certainly not as "fanatical" about him as I am about other bands , but I do love The Boss. I was always a fan of his but it wasn't until the 9/11 tragedy that he became a hero of mine. While everyone was off using their limited brain power and oh-so-hillarious punditry to analyze and try to come to grips with what had happened, Bruce just remained Bruce. He let his music do the talking.

I know I was really shaken by what happened on 9/11 and it was Bruce's opening number "My City's in Ruins" on that national TV broadcast that helped me get past feeling scared, confused, sad and generally despondent. Then a year or so ago I was going through another funk (not related to national tragedies as much as personal ones) and my Aunt got me and my wife tickets to see Bruce and the E Street Band at Dodger Stadium. The show completely uplifted me and drew me out of the major state of depression I was in. So when I heard Bruuuuuuce (!) was coming on a solo acoustic tour, I was super excited to go. However, I found out what date he would be here about a week after it went on sale. D'oh.

Never one to take no for an answer (unless it has something to do with making money or furthering my career) I latched onto Satan-in-a-website, ticketmaster.com all week, trying to score some last minute tickets. No luck. I kept trying and trying like a chump at a poker table trying to snag one measly ticket. Finally, last night, I told myself it ain't gonna happen. I did what every good junkie does and said, "one more hit and I'm done." I logged onto ticketmaster and my call was answered! I got ONE $80 ticket in row X of the balconey at the Paramount Theater in Oakland.

For those of you who follow the alphabet, X is 2 rows from Z and Z is the last row in most cases. In this case the seating followed that logic. But it didn't matter! I was IN! I left work in Calistoga and raced to the venue. I got there about an hour before the 7:30 show and found the most ridiculous line to get in I've ever seen.

To be continued.....

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Does this blog look infected?

Infected with HILLARITY maybe! HAHAHAHAHAHah..hah...hah? Ohhh....damn that was good.

So...I started a blog. Yeah, yeah...everyone is doing it. But...I haven't been doing it and me, being the eternal late bloomer, must jump on a trend at the last possible second. Speaking of...have you seen my disheveled bedhead haircut? How about my Camaro?

Feel free to leave comments for me and join in the conversation. We're all good people here...to the best of my knowledge anyway. Thanks for reading and I hope you visit again!