Friday, May 06, 2005

Bruce at the Paramount

Also strange but cool was his set list. He of course played alot off the new album "Devils and Dust" and those songs sounded great. They're very introspective and reminded me that Bruce is like, 55 years old! The only real "hit" was "The Rising" and even that's not really a hit. Some highlights were "Youngstown" off his "The Ghost of Tom Joad" album as well as "My Best Was Never Good Enough"
from the same album. "Racing in the Street" isn't one of my faves, but he did a nice version of it on the piano and dedicated it to Monte Hellman. He also did "Nebraska," "The River," "Johnny 99" and a killer version of "The Promised Land." I also have to admit to not being as big a fan as I thought I was as I didnn't recognize half the songs. But in a way, that was really cool. I was totally engrossed by the show even though I was lost set-list wise. As I started to get a little sleepy, I looked at my watch and saw he had been playing for just over 2 hours! It seemed like an hour at most.

The show was really somber and intense and Bruce again asked people not to applaud in the beginning of songs. It was funny because he seemed to think people were clapping to give him positive feedback. Some may have been but my friend Chuck pointed something out to me after seeing a recent Paul Westerberg show. He said when people shout obscure requests they're really doing it to show off to everyone that they are HUGE fans and that they know alllll the songs. I had never thought of that before and Chuck is right. I think the same can be said for people who go nuts when an obscure song gets played. "Lookit me! I know this song! You probably don't!" I'm sure that's not the case for everyone, but it rings true if you think about it.

Anyway....Bruce Springsteen remains an idol of mine. He rules because he is who he is. He tried to sell out in the 80's when he married that starlet and released those 2 cheesy albums "Lucky Town" and "Tunnel of Love," but the selling out didn't take. He got a divorce, moved back to Jersey and married Patty Scalfia..but maybe not in that order. He not only plays his heart out, he makes music that can be fun, thought provoking and socially powerful. But, he never preaches. He lets his music talk for him. Bruce is the man.

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