Friday, May 06, 2005


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In an effort to avoid scalpers, tickets could only be picked up in person the day of the show. You had to have your I.D. and the credit card you used to buy the tickets and after they saw that, in you went. No lolly-gagging, no going back to the car for bong hits or beer. In you go. But the line was like the one at Space Mountain! We lined up across the street from the venue and then headed into an adjacent parking lot. Once in the lot, the line snaked around in a seried of 3-4 switchbacks. If you were flying over, it probably looked like we were in some crazy maze. After the switchbacks, we went out of the parking lot, back around the parking lot and into the venue. It was crazy. Plus, I had drank about 1/2 gallon of water at work and was having a red level pee attack.

Anyway...I made it in and after relieving myself, I was glad I did. Bruce walked out at about 8:15 solo. He asked the audience to turn off their cell phones or else he'd "run through the audience with a chainsaw." He also asked people not to sing or clap along as it would throw him off. It seemed weird, but as the show progressed, it all made sense. Bruce simply owned the stage and the crowd. Having seen the guy run around for 3 plus hours with the E Street band, it was quite a change to see him alone onstage playing guitar, piano and organ. For a couple of songs he just stomped his foot, played harmonica and sang through this old fashioned mic that was all distorted. Very cool.

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