Saturday, May 28, 2005

Spot the drunk guy!

Spot the drunk guy!
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I have no clue what's going on here. i mean, clearly I'm drunk...but look at my hand (the one on the hot chick dressed in blacks shoulder). Sweet Christ! When did I become lobster hands Lewis? The other, less intoxicated people in the photo are (l-r) Nic, Matt, retardo the drunk ass, Erica, (my wife) and
1/2 of our friend Mary-Colleens face.


Nic said...

Wait, you were drunk? Really? said...

I think I was goofing off in that picture...but it's my hand that worried me the most. being drunk is a way of life....growing 9 fingers on one hand is a problem.

Chim Dandy said...

Wow, don, I had no idea you were SEVEN FRICKIN' FEET TALL. Jeez louise.

I have no idea why she was cropped in favor of getting that Hurley-esque dude wandering around in the background but I think Mary Colleen deserves her own thread as restitution. Do like a "Dewar's Profile" of her maybe.

Heh. You could start a running feature: "Dlew's Profile." said...

That actually IS Hurley...he put on the show with his lottery winnings. And I'm 6"12...not 7 feet tall ;)