Sunday, October 29, 2006

Texas recap

In case you missed it, I was blogging part of my trip over on Film Threat...go check it out over there if you care to. Lets see...

I had a GREAT time. Austin is easily my favorite town and it was my birthday, my wife, my mom, my sister and my aunt were there....Pete couldn't have been more fun. Also, the screenings went really well! People I didn't even know asked insightful questions which was nice. The short docs program on the whole was really good and diverse. Made it alot easier to sit through twice. I will say, I was super, super nervous for my first screening.

I took the red eye and had to sit in the hotel lobby for almost 2 hours until I could get a room. Then, I crashed out and was in and out of deep sleep for about 6 hours. Then I woke up and hit the town. Not wise. I had a mini-meltdown when I got back to the hotel...that no one was going to come to the screening and those who did would hate my film. I also had some freaky dreams that I wrote about on Film Threat.

Anyway...I drank lots of beer, ate LOTS of great food and enjoyed myself. Now, it's back to reality...

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