Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Project

So this Saturday, I start a new doc project with my partner, John. I don't want to give too much away, but my real time friends know what it is and it's going to ruuuuule! By rule, I mean...totally, totally rule. I will say this...

There's alot of heartbreak in the world. Our democracy is crumbling around us, life's unfair, gas prices are ridiculous. People on our own soil...hell...in our own towns are starving and no one takes notice. As commoners in society, we really have no voice and sometimes, it's up to the music and filmmakers of the world to enlighten us. Our next film will touch on none of those issues. It will not solve or strike up a single conversation on the state of the world...per se.

All I will say is...if you like ridiculous, id driven entertainment but not as blantantly stupid as "Jackass," you're going to want to get in line now to see what we got cookin'. We shoot Saturday and I hope to have pics up soon to give you a better sense of the project.

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