Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I try not to be too serious or political on here. Hell, the same is true for me in life. But today, I really am completely consumed by this election and hoping, praying for an Obama victory. About a month ago I became a man without political affiliation. The Republican party I signed on for was not one of hate, inequality,fascism, corporate whoredom and destruction of the constitution. It wasn't supposed to be the party of ignorant bullies or those who seek to divide. I simply want less governing and more freedom from the government in my life.

This 2008 Republican party, dating back to the 2000 Republican party is not a true Republican party by definition. Bush and now McCain have given the party a bad name and rather than revolt against these freaks, Republicans have drank the kool-aid and will support whoever is trotted out. No matter how war mongering, power hungry and misguided they are.

I'm an independent voter now. I refuse to join the Democratic party because for one, they have to prove to me they aren't pussies who sit back like whiners going "Heyyy...that's not fair!" ala John Kerry and Al Gore when they were robbed in their perspective election. The Reid/Pelosi House and Congress ma-hooty make me sick with their ineffectiveness. What happened to the lawsuits and investigations they promised us?? What happened to making a change?? They dropped the ball completely.

However, through all my confusion and negativity, I can say honestly and proudly I believe in Barack Obama and Joe Biden. I believe they're really going to try and right this ship and make a change. I believe so strongly in them and what they have the potential to do for this country that if they don't win, I will simply be lost. I will be infuriated and disgusted too, but the lost feeling I'll have will be

Since we had our daughter, my wife is on my health plan and I take home less than $1000 every 2 weeks now. Obama will change that but my vote for him is more than that. Since Bush has been in office, there's been 2 classes of people on the map: the poor, and the wealthy. The middle class has been forgotten and abandoned. If you don't believe me, seriously ask yourself if you were better off now or 8 years ago. Then try to imagine how things can possibly ever get better with John McCain
as President? He agrees with everything Bush has done and Bush has fucked us. Repeatedly. In the butt with malice and no lube.

That's a fact, it's not hyperbole or some lefty talking point.

I truly believe in what Obama and Biden are trying to do and are capable of doing given the chance. Please America, lets set aside blind party partisanship and vote for the RIGHT PERSON for a change. Literally, for a change.

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