Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wake up! Your blogs on fire!!


I must apologize for totally flaking on my top 10 for movies. Fact is, I'm still behind on a few that may merit inclusion. Plus, as usual, I'm really busy. I do intend on doing it though and soon. Very soon. I've been up to the following...

I've written for Film Threat for over 10 years and I love it. I liked it because I've always been pretty free to do what I want because I'm a decent writer and I'm not an irrational asshole (notice, I didn't say I wasn't an asshole. Just not an irrational, ie; untrustworthy one). I also just had to write stuff then later, post it up on the site all by myself like a big boy. When I got there one dude was in charge, then my buddy Eric, then my buddy Mark. Plus, Gore's always been there in some capacity. Well, Mark moved to New Zealand at the end of summer and then, at the end of the year, quit the site.

I knew he would (he said he wouldn't) and I was pretty mad because I didn't want to deal with another editor and site changeover. Plus, Mark's one of my best friends and I love hanging out with him at film festivals but I basically know I'll probably never see the guy much ever again. He says we'll get to hang out, but I don't see how or where. I hate to sound like I got dumped or like I'm a jilted lover, but it does bum me out quite a bit.


Since I have the ability, some time and some know-how, I decided to take over as managing editor and it's been pretty cool! I basically tend to the site, add stories, update stuff and still write my own stuff when I can. I also get to touch base with all the writers, come up with new ideas, etc. I'm enjoying it so far and am grateful for the shot. Plus, it's a natural progression and should look good on my resume.

Still, it's been alot of learning and trying to get a groove going and that hasn't been easy. Plus, my regular job needs me a little more, the band stuff keep trickling in and I'm in full-strength-ahead mode on my graduate thesis. Plus my daughter (who is truly amazing!) walks really well now. Parents in da house know what that means; you can't just plop them down next to you, play some music and spin a mobile while you work. She's requires alot of attention and I'd be a bald faced liar if I said I didn't like giving it to her.

So...that's my excuse(s). A pretty good batch if you ask me! But I will be around more once Sundance winds down. Oh! I didn't go this year! First one I've missed in 13 years!! I went to Vegas instead for the AVN Awards and the "electronics convention." It was awesome and ridiculous and way, way more fun than Sundance would have been. My involvement with Sundance has been running reviews coming in from there and it's been a pain.

I have been doing lazy-man's blogging at Twitter though and you can always follow me there:

That's all for now! Go read FILM THREAT and see what a great job I can do!! Yay me! Now you try!