Thursday, January 07, 2010

Buy my newest film DRAG KING!!! (please)

Greetings readers! Look at that, 2 blog posts in a week!! This ones rather self serving though. Our newest short doc "Drag King" is available by clicking here now!

In 2007, John Beck and I took another long, strange trip in order to make a documentary about something crazy that exists, but that you might not get to see everyday. Each summer, residents of Lake County, California get together for The Fiberglass 500, a race in which people pull old, beat up boats around a race track with their demolition derby cars, trying to rip each others boats to shreds! Last man (or woman) standing wins.

Yes, you read that correctly. Cars pull boats around a racetrack and smash up the boats. It's frigging awesome and it's called "Drag King." We used 7 different cameras with 4 shooters and we only lost ONE camera! We were also fortunate enough to get Robert Malta of local legends hugeLARGE to add some music and I got the amazing 2 Cow Garage to lend me a song as well. It's a really fun little film.

"Drag King" was fortunate enough to appear at Cinequest in San Jose, the Austin Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham, Alabama, deadCENTER in Oklahoma City as well as the Beverly Hills Shorts Fest and the Big Easy Shorts Fest in New Orleans where it actually WON the programmers award for Best Documentary Short. Now we've made it available it you, the public.

For a mere $14.99, you can purchase this little slice of Americana redneck madness and bring it home to show your family and friends. You can tell them, "Hey! I know these Award Winning filmmakers!!" And most importantly, you can contribute money to help us pay for the hours of travel, therapy and rehab we endured in the making and promoting of the film.

But all joking aside, please buy a copy or 2 of "Drag King" and if you didn't already, buy a copy of our first doc "Stringers" while you're on the site (click here).

John and I are really proud of these films and by your purchase, you're helping us to get out there and make more movies. It's not cheap! Encourage friends of facebook, twitter and myspace to buy "Stringers" and "Drag King" as well. Forward this email to people who like fires, police, movies, documentaries and the like and ask them to buy a copy of "Stringers" or "Drag King," We'd really appreciate it.

Also, If at all possible, please create a new profile on "Createspace" as our royalty is much, much higher. However if you're in a hurry, I do believe clicking the link while you're signed into Amazon will allow you to purchase the film. But setting up a profile through this link: takes about 3 minutes so please, do that!

Thanks for reading this far and thanks on advance for supporting our little films!!

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