Saturday, June 03, 2006

Yeah, I like to talk...

I write for a really great site called Sound Waves Cinema. Don't get me wrong, Film Threat will always be my boys, but it's really great to go local and "write long." With Film Threat, I'm in and out...we have 5000 things going on and I write real short for them, which is good for me. Brevity...yes! Sound Waves Cinema indulges my inner yakalot and dammit, I love it! You really should go read the site.

Also, the guy who runs the site, my friend Dennis Wills, is also well, da bomb!! Every time I turn in a long-winded review, I wait for him to go J. Jonah Jameson on me and tell me to tone it down. Instead he resembles a cracked out jazz guy and goes "yeah, yeah, YEAH yeah MAN! LOVE IT!" He's great! And now he's doing podcasts and dammit if I don't sound remotely smart on the last one, what with 4 hours of sleep, lotsa beer and an impending Oscar night at the time? Yeaaah baby. Yeah.

Anywho, go look for me on Sound Waves Cinema and click on the podcast that talks about Indie film....3/06/06 (damn...missed Satan's date by 3 months). Now you can hear me ramble on in person without all the annoying writing! Congrats!

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