Sunday, July 23, 2006

White trash pool party

It's freeking HOT here. I know my freinds from Texas and Chicago skoff at my idea of hot, but 107 degrees is hot and we San Francisco based folks ain't used to it. I'm willing to be that 80% of the reason people are willing to pay $800,000 for a tiny 2 bedroom house here is due to the usually perfect weather. As I said to my wife Friday, "If it's going to be this hot, we should move to Texas."

So yesterday as we drove home from my grandparents (wow, party weekend!) we noted the temperature gauge said 107 degrees. "Honey, why are we going home to sit in the house which has no AC? let's go get one of those plastic kiddie pools!" Wheee-hawww!

We went to KMart because when you're going to have a white trash pool party, that's where you go. But they were sold out of the cheapie ones! Rather than search around town in the heat, my lovely, and rich wife bought a 13 feet by 4 feet deep pool! It came with 2 inflatable rings, an inflatable volley ball net and a beach ball. I went and bought a snorkel and a scant 3 hours later...

We sat out there until at least 9:30 and it...was...awesome. I'll be there all week if you want to come by.


Pete said...

You're wearing a shirt in the pool? Are you a 13-year old girl? said...

Dude, I burn easily. And it keeps you cooler.