Saturday, November 18, 2006


Sorry I haven't been blogging...I've been either really busy or really lazy. Here's what's new...

We're still submitting STRINGERS to a few film festivals. It's expensive submitting to fests! Like, $30-$40 a pop and that's just to apply. We submitted to SF Indiefest and Cinequest and have some more deadlines coming up.

I'm shooting a short film for my directing class! I'm nervous as hell! It's an adaptation of the song "Old Times" by Todd Snider. Directing takes alot of work...if you want to do it right, and I'm trying to do it right. I've done a ton of pre-production and am starting to breakdown the shots in my mind. I also have 2 incredible actors involved so that's going to be a ton of fun.

Oh, we're moving. Boo! To Santa Rosa. Ugh. I hate Santa Rosa. But, it's a bigger house for the same money, a bigger yard, we can get a dog, it's closer to work and I get the garage as an office. Plus, I'll save money because I won't be able to walk over to Dempseys and spend all my cash. But still...Petaluma is home. Ah well.

So that's the scoop, alot's going on. Oh, go see FAST FOOD NATION and if you can, check out THE HAMILTONS tomorrow in a city near you. It's part of this weekend long horror film festival called Horrorfest. Clever. The guys who made it live in Petaluma and filmed it here and Lionsgate is releasing it soon.

Here's the website for The Hamiltons
and here's an interview I did with The Butcher Brothers.

Have a good weekend!

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