Monday, November 27, 2006

Pre-Production peaks and valleys

So as I mentioned a week ago (Yikes! Has it been that long!?!) I'm shooting a short film for my directing class called OLD TIMES. It's based on a song Todd Snider did on his new album "The Devil You Know" only the song is called "Just Like Old Times." Brevity my friends, it's the way I need to go. Anyway, I've been really focusing hard on working everything out ahead of time for the shoot. When I first decided to do this for my project, I got alot of good luck.

First, I emailed Todd Sniders rep at Universal in order to get some kind of permission for the project. Long story short, they loved the idea. The short is basically a fictionalized or live version of the song. Kind of like what Sean Penn did with INDIAN RUNNER which is an adaptation of Bruce Springsteens "Highway Patrolman." Not only did Universal give me the thumbs up, Todd himself (via email to his manager) said "sure they can use it. can i be in it?" I responded with, "umm, that's flattering, but I already have it cast." Apparently he was joking. A few days later I got this from Todd via Todd's manager: "this is cool. tell them thanks for me." Nice!

Next stroke of luck...sorta...
my friend Dan who I hadn't spoke to since moving back to Nor Cal agreed to shoot the film. Dan's a great guy and has a keen eye, as they say. He also recently got a business partner and together they own and utilize $10,000 worth of high end equipment! I did not know this and was like "whoa dude, this might kick some ass!" He said he'd shoot the thing for me with the good stuff! Sweeeeet. But then he got a paying gig and had to bail on me. I totally understand but still...dang!

This was when things went funky. Namely, my run of luck that started with Austin hit a snag. I can't find a location to shoot the thing in. I just need a hotel room dammit! Every place I've asked has said, quite succinctly, "No way." I tell them it's not horror or porn but they just aren't budging. I have some leads that I need to follow up on tomorrow and if they don't work, I'm just gonna do it somewhere and hope it works.

One last thing...
I signed up for "The Lot" which is a website in which you can submit films in the hopes of being selected to be on the FOX show "The Lot." The show is like project greenlight only more reality TV like. The guy who created Survivor teamed up with Steven Spielberg to do it and I'm hoping to land a spot on the show. Check out their site at: and sign up so you can vote me onto the show later!

I'm off to class....

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