Friday, February 02, 2007


Sorry for not blogging here...I've been super super super busy. Santa Barbara Film Fest was FUN!! Luckily my buddies Mitch and Phil (aka The Butcher Bros) were there so we tore it up. Those guys own that festival. They won the award for "Director to Watch" last year and everyone loves them there. They made the trip much more fun. I wrote all about it at my other blog "Petaluma Movie Reel" which can be found here:

So since I've been movie blogging too much lately, I thought I'd give you an Igby update. He's great!! He's so cute and loves sticks, as you can see in the photo above. Erica also discovered he can fetch! He totally chases balls and sticks and brings em back. He's so smart. He loves to snuggle Erica...way too much. He likes to sleep either on her shoulder or on her head...pretty funny. I sometimes think he doesn't even like me, but he's kinda mean to Erica and he and I get along good. If he was a human, I'd buy him a beer and we'd make fun of Erica behind her back.

There's also a dark side to puppies...
They're really "bitey." We're both nursing little wounds all over our hands. They also like to chew on everything and that's only going to get worse. Plus, he's still a pup so he pees and shits all over. Sometimes he's good about waiting to go outside or hitting his mat, but usually when we come home from work he's done some redecorating. He also doesn't sleep all the way through the night. I'm lucky to have Erica because she gets up with him and takes him to pee. If I have to get up, I can't go back to sleep so her doing that is really great.

One thing I noticed is, I'm not grossed out by Igby's gross stuff. I noticed it last week when we were playing in the yard. He had some serious eye goop and if that was someone elses dog or kid, I'd be grossed out. But without even thinking I wiped it with my finger and then wiped that on my pants. Plus, I just pick up his poop whenever I see it. I mean, I use a tissue, but still. Not something I'd have pictured myself doing without thought or hesitation. I did get a little queasy when he had worms, but other than that I'm a pooper scooper.

Anyway, that's the Igby update. Here's a picture of him at the vet! He was getting his shots but this photo was right before they took his temperature...and not through his mouth. Look at this photo and tell me if he knew what was coming...

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