Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Update on my short film

So I went and saw Todd Snider last Wednesday night in Petaluma. In case you missed it somehow, I made a short film based on his song "Just Like Old Times." I got permission from Todd as well as his management and record company and off I went.

So, after completion I showed the movie to Todd's management company and asked them to forward the link
to Todd so he could watch it. About an hour later I got an email from
his manager saying Todd couldn't get it to work on his computer so he
wanted to know if I would bring a DVD down to the show and give it to
Todd's tour manager so he could check it out. Sure, no problem.

So I brought it down and gave it to the tour manager and thanked him
for putting me on the guest list. We went our seperate ways and I hung
out and watched the opener then I ran up to the lobby for a beer.
While I was up there, I see the tour manager looking around. He spots
me and comes over and says "Todd watched the movie and really, really
liked it. He'd like you to come backstage so he can meet you."


I've met the guy a few times but I probably came off as some dorky
fan. Now I would re-meet him as "an artists." Heh heh heh.

So I go backstage and Todd's sitting there and he says "Thanks for
making that movie, I'm very touched. My wife loved it too." I said
"thanks for writing such a great song!" Then Todd asked
"So where did you find those actors?? They were really GREAT!" I told
him that they were all local and that Stephen (the lead) was in a big
production right now in SF and that Betsy does some local stuff in
Santa Rosa and at SRJC. I had forgotten, but Todd then reminded me, he
WENT to SRJC (for 3 he likes to say in one of his stories).
I told him Milo (the cop) was a good friend of mine as well.

I didn't want to bug him or turn into insta-fanboy so I shook his hand and split. He put on a GREAT show and it felt really good to once again start something, finish it and show it off. Yay me!!

Also-my short doc STRINGERS is playing CINEQUEST film festival in San Jose next Wednesday. I'll only be there that day (SXSW starts the following Friday...WOO HOOOoooo!) so if you're around SJ at 4:00 Wednesday, March 7, come see my film!

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