Friday, February 15, 2008

Rookie move.

The other day my doc partner John asked me to help him shoot second camera on this new web-series he's doing called "Soundcheck." He takes a local band that's playing that upcoming weekend and goes to their practice and learns about the band. He did a GREAT one for five a.m. here:

Since I haven't been shooting much, I jumped at the chance to help him do this weeks Soundcheck with local bluegrass nutjobs Stiff Dead Cat.

We headed over to their studio with our gear and got all set-up. The band is super cool and HILLARIOUS...and I really dig their music. So I started thinking of cool shots and angles and then I turned my camera on. Immediately the battery light starts flashing...and the battery in there is like, good for 400 minutes. Oops. No worries though, I have a back up. I shoot for about 90 seconds on the dying battery then switch them out.

Battery #2 is so dead it won't even power the camera on. I didn't mention this to John or the band as I was too mortified at my stupidity.

I felt (and still feel like) a total rookie moron. I have NEVER done that before. The best part was when I told the band I stupidly didn't charge my batteries and SDC's singer Wiley goes, "Don't feel bad man, at least you don't have TWO dead batteries." The video still came out pretty good, but I don't think any of my three minutes of footage made it in:

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