Saturday, September 06, 2008

Any way you want it.

I hate cover bands. I simply refuse to pay money to see them and I feel like they kill local music scenes. Why the hell would you pay $20 and more to see a band play hits from another band?? Well, people do and around here, they do it in droves. It hurts my soul. I also *kinda* refuse to see bands which are limping around, touring with like, one or two original members. Like, I saw STYX last March but after the whole Dennis deYoung/VH1 Behind the Music fiasco, I can see why Dennis deYoung isn't in the band. Dude's a complete megalomaniacal douche bag. But the rest of the band is there and they're great! Anyway, I do have a point.

I love Journey. Steve Perry Journey that is. I feel like that lil feller was dealt a raw deal when an injury forced him to not be in the band any more. I have flatly refused to see them tour without Steve Perry. In fact, Jonathan Cain lives in town and I used to see him frequently but never said anything because man, I'm pissed at the way they dealt with Perry. Getting into an argument with him won't solve anything. Probably.

Anyway, the local classic rock station started playing a brand new Journey song with this new lead singer. Apparently they found this 40ish year old Fillipino guy who sounds exactly like Steve Perry. I had heard this news and was skeptical, but when I heard the single I was like....damn. That's pretty frigging good. Like, so good it was like Journey never left and was still a viable band. But, my allegiance to Steve Perry was stronger. I would enjoy the song when it came on the radio, but would not buy the album. I would also be hesitant to see them live. Hesitant.

Cut to last weekend when I went to WalMart to indulge my new hobby: Mighty Muggs. Normally I don't shop at WalMart, but I really wanted a Han Solo and Chewbacca Mighty Mugg but ended up walking out with Dr. Henry Jones Sr...which I didn't know existed. I was in the midst of a smallish road trip and before I pulled in looking for toys I was lamenting I don't have any "Greatest Hits" albums from bands I love. So, I looked for a Journey's Greatest Hits.

I found the J's and right up front was a double album of greatest hits for like, $11.99. Sweet! I grabbed it and looked at it and saw something that upset me, but then really created a conundrum for me and my aforementioned hate of fake bands. Apparently Journey got back together, sans Steve Perry and with the Filipino guy Arnel Pineda...and re-recorded all their songs.

Dude. Duuuude. How must Steve Perry feel right now? I mean sure, he gets a songwriting credit and some publishing money (I think) but that's just brutal. He doesn't want to be in the band anymore, or can't. So they find a guy who sounds just like him and re-record the hits and release it and carry on without him. Man, the music bizz is harsh!! My issue is...this new guy is really great (if you like Journey) and I almost....allllmost bought that new album. But I didn't and bought the old Greatest Hits and dammit if Journey isn't, person for person, one of the best bands ever. But now I'm leaning towards buying the new one and really leaning (hell, I will) seeing them in concert if they come out.

Even writing that feels wrong. Like I'm going against what I believe. Am I a sell out? Does Steve Perry care about me or anyone who loves Journey? I mean, it's a 6 person band (or 5?) and that's ONE person and now he sounds like the other person. Ugh. Where does it end??


Anonymous said...

Do yourself a favor and buy REVELATION, the new Journey CD/DVD with Arnel Pineda. For only $11.88 at Walmart and $10.72 at SAM's, you get 3 discs consisting of 1 CD with 11 new songs, 1 CD with 11 Greatest Hits and a DVD of their Las Vegas March 2008 concert.

Click on this link to preview the 14 cuts on the DVD (look at the right side for the 14 songs):

Anonymous said...

Don't do it. This band, Journey, is so far removed from what it was in the Steve Perry heyday it's not even funny.

Stay far, farrrr away!!!

Anonymous said...

Journey has become a joke...a tribute band to itself. The Filipino dude who supposedly sounds just like Perry is nothing more than a karaoke imposter. The guy screeches in the high-end register and emotes about as much feeling for the songs he covers, as a dead cockroach.

In a lame attempt at stage presence, Pineda charges around the stage so much it leaves him winded. Not an ounce of nuanced showmanship one would expect from someone fronting a once world class band.

It's obviously all about fattening the retirement fund for Schon and Cain. And, no doubt, sticking it to Perry...whose gifted vocals and songwriting talent...made Journey the phenomenal band it was.

Neal Schon stands in the way of a reunion with Perry. He cracked the stone and it's his stubborn arrogance that refuses to do his part to mend it.

Do yourself a BIG favor, and don't waste your time or money on a third rate cover band called Journey.

Anonymous said...

Go buy the Revelations package.This guy is better than Steve Perry.

Anonymous said...

Ha! In your dreams buster.

ranney said...

I suggest you check this video on Journey aired at CBS News Sunday Morning..then decide...

Anonymous said...

I'm an old time Journey fan and a Steve Perry fan -- and I'm a Filipino dude too -- so actually I kinda hated it when Pineda joined Journey.

Filipino people have a way of jumping on bandwagons and I didn't want to be at the concert with my aunts and uncles.

BUT... if I can't have Steve Perry with Journey, he's a pretty good substitute, better than the last few guys, because let's be honest -- they'll spend the rest of their existence trying to replace Perry.

People (and my own people, I GUESS) are just looking for that good Journey vibe, and if we can't have Steve and we get a 98% as good version, that can't be all that bad.

Actually on Revelation, the new Journey songs have Pineda singing more as he would in his own style, so you at least have that to figure out if you like or not.

It's worth 11 bucks for sure anyway.

Anonymous said...

Pineda sings very well - but what's the point in hiring a soundalike? Listening to the 'new' Journey is like eating something artificially flavoured. It's good, but not the real thing - even if the band still really smokes.