Monday, December 29, 2008


Greetings Petaluma Films blog readers….all 4 of you! Because it was boring the hell out of me, I decided to stop the blogging about my extended trips. Instead…

It’s that time again where I go through my media mashed mind to dig up all the music, TV and movies I’ve digested this year to make my annual top ten list! This is always harder for me than it should be. The reason is, I want to be fair to myself as well as the artists by ranking my true favorites even though none of them will even see this list. I scrutinize my lists in my mind. While driving, before bed and even then I have a heckuva time. But I have finally beat my own mind in it’s silly little game and here’s how it’s going to work this year.

Since I’m still a teeny bit behind on my movies (not all the “biggies” come out here until like, now…and I can’t just drop everything and see 5 movies now, can I?) I’ll start off with music, then some TV stuff and then onto my favorite films of 2008. There’s also some new additions to my lists. For instance…this one:


Normally this spot is reserved for “My Morning Jacket” who, try as I might and know I should like, I just don’t get. However their new album “Evil Urges” is actually pretty cool but, I just liked other stuff better both in my top 10 and honorable mentions. Sorry MMJ! I know you’re upset, but at least I’m starting to get you.

The winner of the first annual Petaluma Films blog album everyone is shitting bricks about this year that I got and just don’t get is...

TV ON THE RADIO, “Dear Science”

Everyone who knows me and even those who don’t but read my blog know I love music. I try to listen to everything even though my tastes tend to steer towards singer-songwriters, Americana and “Pop Experimental.” I read a few music blogs and some magazines and when they all jump on board with a band or album, I try to give it a listen. This year, “Dear, Science” by TV on the Radio was voted critics fave in both Rolling Stone and Spin. Countless blogs have lauded the album as well. So, I got it and…it’s o.k. It’s different and has some cool stuff but overall …I just don’t get it.

The album is listenable but the intentionally low-fi production leaves me cold and I feel like if the band got a producer who would, you know, allow us to hear what’s going on, that would make me warm up to this band more. It’s like eating a really yummy pizza with crazy, diverse ingredients but someone’s smoking a cig across from you and blowing smoke in your face (only, the album isn’t gross). I also had their last album “Return to Cookie Mountain” which, aside from being the best album title of the last 10 or so years, did nothing for me at all.

They even make kick ass music videos but still, I don't get why everyone's flipping out about the music.

Not liking TV on the Radio is a frustrating thing for me too. It’s like everyone’s going to this cool club or show and I’m left out. I even think lead singerTunde Adebimpe is awesome and was in one of my all-time favorite indie films “Jump Tomorrow”. But still…TV on the Radio…I don’t get it. At least I’m not being a contrarian because I have tried, repeatedly, to get into this album. But yeah…no dice.

Runner up goes to Kings of Leon, “Only by the Night”

Tomorrow (or the next day) another new feature entitled “Hey, This Album is Awesome…and Then I Never Listened to it Again!” as well as my honorable mentions. Stay tuned!


Mark said...

I still haven't listened to the TV on the Radio album, but due to the overwhelming praise from seemingly everywhere, I have been curious.

I am not a fan of Kings of Leon, though. Just not into them at all.

chas_m said...

TOTALLY with you viz. TV on the Radio, MMJ and the Kings of Leon album.