Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I blame myself, really...

Ohhh...Ryan. You dickhead.
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So after raving about how Ryan Adams is just my kind of nutty musician, the guy has an Axl Rose sized meltdown and CANCELS his West coast tour!

I found an odd journal entry (with GREAT photos) here: . I say odd because this girl acts like she just saw a GREAT show when clearly, it was pretty shitty. I don't think it's sarcasm either. Some people (namely girls) will get snowed by any skinny musician on-stage.

Apparently he proceeded to get wasted and then berate his bass player who then walked off. Today it was announced that "due to illness," the rest of the tour is cancelled. Yeah...the bass player got sick of enabling a drunk fuck and quit.

He also berated the audience, but I don't really blame him for that. See, Ryan Adams is like that really weird kid you couldn't help but tease in grade school. When I was a kid, we teased this freak named Carl. He'd be all calm while we harrassed him, but you could sense the temperature rising. Finally he's just start chasing you and as you pulled away, he'd hop on one foot pull off a shoe and huck it at you! It was awesome! That's like going to see Ryan Adams.

The guy will spazz out over anything. I once saw him grab his mic stand and turn it around with his back to the audience because they wouldn't shut up when he was playing an acoustic song. Folk singer Robbie Fulks fanned the flames when he said he's pay people CASH to yell out "Summer of 69" at RYAN Adams (not Bryan Adams) shows.

I dunno....I'm annoyed now but I feel worse for my friend Jason who got me the tix. He's way more stoked on the new album than me, and he got us SECOND ROW! I guess when you mess with a drunk, you get the barf...or something.

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