Saturday, August 13, 2005

Who you gonna believe...?

Who you gonna believe...?
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So now that the dust has settled on the cancellation, we got the Rashoman happenning. First, I read this:
We're a big fan of the drinking game that accompanies the announcement of a musical tour cancellation -- you know, the one that forces players to down shots every time the words "exhaustion" or "dehydration" comes up.

While neither of those bon mots came up in the declaration that Ryan Adams was opting out of the last few dates of his West coast tour -- the rather limp "illness" excuse was proffered instead-- it seems as if Mr. Adams was quite "dehydrated" the day before bailing on the trek.

In addition to his usual onstage threats of violence against audience members -- some for being too loud, some for shushing the noisemakers --the sunshine boy also turned on his bandmates, firing guitarist J.P. Bowersock and treating the others to tirades along the lines of "How many scotches does it take? What the fuck? I think I was the only one playing in the right key there, but I don't know. I mean, I only wrote the fucking song and everything, so I should know what fucking key it's in."

As performance art goes, we'd rate that outburst a
C-plus -- good enough to pass muster on the Bowery, but a few cuts short of meriting inclusion in that Aristocrats sequel . . .

O.K.,,, now that was the story as I had heard it from Jason and from various sources online that were at the show. Plus, it fits the R.A. M.O. as it were.

So I then decide to go to his site and see what Ryan has to say. Read it for yourselves. I guess there's some Indonesian junk that's going 'round.

Why can't anybody just be honest anymore? Rafael Palmeiro, Karl Rove, Bill Clinton and now Ryan Adams. Is there no accountability for anyones actions anymore???

One good thing is that now I can attend the Bob Schneider and Shelby Lynne concert at Bimbos Sunday.

I do love that lil Shelby Lynne...

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