Monday, April 17, 2006

The other side of Faux political T.V.

This season is the first time I've been able to watch "24" since season one. I guess I had other stuff to do. The show is AWESOME this season. Man, the death count is through the roof with several series regulars biting the big one. Plus, Peter Weller, William Devane and Ray Wise are on the show! It's like the heroes and villains of my youth ("Robocop," "Bad News Bears Breaking Training" and Leland Palmer from "Twin Peaks," respectively) have been brought back from career death. Plus, the dude who started out being the bad guy this season (before Julian Sands slit his throat) was our old next door neighbor in Sherman Oaks!! It was funny, I yelled to Erica..."Hey, did I tell you Mark is the new bad guy on '24'?" She goes, " told me." Then he got whacked and I yelled, "wait, Mark isn't the bad guy any more." But I digress.

Again, if you're Tivoing or planning to rent the DVD later, you might want to skip the next part....

Per my last blog entry regarding the jingoistic tendencies of "Lost," I've noticed "24" seems to be taking an extremely liberal (ie; paranoid...hah!) view of politics. It doesn't take a genius to figure out President Logan is representing logical, free thinking people's views of G.W. Bush. Logan engineered a terrorist attack in order to keep gas prices low and strike fear into the general public. There's something else developing too, but they haven't said what it is yet. The funny thing about the show is, with a 30%ish approval rating, I think even the staunchest Neo-Cons know something is rotten in Denmark, but like a good team player, they don't dare say it aloud. "24" almost feels like what they're thinking, but not saying.

Anyway, President Logan as well as the Devane characters defense of covering up the "terror attack" as well as the assassination of President Palmer is that "the truth would irreparably hurt the American people's psyche," or something like that. And as much as I know the war in Iraq was undertaken under false pretenses, I also think we'll never know the truth because a knock of that caliber to the American political system would lead to a freeking riot. Then again, maybe that's what we need to wake up.

My main point to this is that I find it funny ABC and "Lost" are doing the "rah-rah" jingoism thing saying that sometimes you have to torture human beings to get somewhere...and then build a nice big CatholicChurch so you can feel o.k. for sinning while FOX is pretty deftly calling out the Bush Administration for their crimes. I'd expect FOX to continue on with the whole "if you're not with us, you're against us" thing but it looks like ABC and Disney have taken the bullshit torch. Alas, both are entertaining and I would be remiss if I couldn't seperate politics from damned good entertainment.

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