Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Neglected to mention...

In my rush to keep blogging lest I get yelled at in traffic again (Gabby!), I forgot to mention my two favorite TV shows at the moment. The first one is THE VENTURE BROTHERS. I'm not a big animation guy. Sure, I went through the same SIMPSONS phase all us 30-something males did, and I love THE FAMILY GUY. But I just don't get into the stoner TV that is ADULT SWIM on Cartoon Network. I just don't have the patience. I also hate anime. But I love, LOVE the VENTURE BROTHERS. To try and explain the show is impossible. It's just ridiculous and hillarious and highly entertaining.

My best description is...The Venture brothers are the sons of Doctor Venture, a hack inventor who's a mega-millionaire. The brothers, Hank and Dean are total idiots. Hank dresses like Fred from Scooby-Doo (I don't know why, but it's funny) and Dean reminds me of Richie Cunningham. The Ventures are protected from an onslaught of supervillains by Brock Lester, my least favorite character. The #1 enemy of Team Venture seems to be the Monarch who has recently got out of prison and is not really after the Ventures, per se. I mean, I guess he is...but he's so obsessive I think he forgets.

A good example of the show's hillarity was the episode a few weeks back where the Monarch tries to get some new henchmen so he sends his two moronic, but dedicated henchment to recruit more baddies. They go to the inner city and recruit a bunch of gang-bangers who drink 40's and smoke weed all day. I guess you had to be there. Anyway, the show is fricking awesome and it's on Sunday nights at 10:30, right after my other favorite show...

HBO's ENTOURAGE. The show started way shaky this season, especially after last years great season. But they recently righted the plane and the last few episodes have been great! I love the new role Vince is taking on (**Hint: "Hey-ho, let's go!**) and Jeremy Piven as Ari the agent is always top notch. Thank goodness for Sunday nights!

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