Friday, August 11, 2006

What I've been listening to and seeing...

I've been pretty busy with movies lately, for better or for worse. I've been trying to spend less time channel surfing and more time watching movies. We got Comcast digital cable Wow. There's like, 500 free movies on demand every month and for the next 3 months they have like, every Alfred Hitchcock movie ever made on there. I've seen most of them, but that's still a nice thing to have at your fingertips.

I saw MIAMI VICE and fricking despised it. It's strange because 2 people whose opinion I like Pete and David Poland at Movie City News found it passable and "pretty good" respectively and that freaked me out. Am I losing my edge? Or maybe I'm gaining an edge and theirs is dulling? I dunno...but you can read my MIAMI VICE review HERE at Soundwaves Cinema. Click my name, not the review.

Yesterday I saw ROAD TO GUANTANAMO and it was good, but really confusing. I also just got in from WORLD TRADE CENTER and liked it as well, but still need to let it sink in. It is a bit schmaltzy, but I think that's O.K. This weekend I hope to see LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE and will also be seeing HOLLYWOODLAND Sunday with Adrien Brody in attendance.

Music wise, it's all about 3 CD's for me right now.

1. Todd Snider- The Devil You Know. It's his best album yet (as I already mentioned) and I seriously cannot get enough of it. I try and take it out of the CD player because I don't want to get sick of it, but it always finds it's way back in.

2. Head Automatica- Aside from having one of the worst bands names ever, this band kicks so much ass, I had to buy a HEAD AUTOMATICA ringtone. They sound like a combo of Elvis Costello, Phantom Planet and Weezer. They simply kick ass. Check them out HERE

3. I downloaded a 1982 live performance of Nick Lowe who I absolutely love. The CD sounds amazing considering it was probably taped on some little analogue device. It's got most of the songs of his I dig ("I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass," "Switchboard Susan" and "Marie Provost," the song with the rad chorus of "She was a winner/who became a doggies dinner"...the songs about the cops finding a lady who had been dead in her apartment for a week) and it even has his tourmate Paul Carrack singing "Tempted (by the fruit of another" as well as "What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding." Anyway, it's a great, fun bootleg.

This weekend I'm just laying low after last weekends shennanagins. We went to the fair to bet on the horses (I lost) and to see five a.m. Here's one of the many races I lost

So...that's what's good to see and listen to. Go have a nice weekend and buy that Todd Snider CD!!

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