Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Post Holiday Wrap

Before I launch into my usual musings, I just wanted to say that Nates memorial was really, really nice and very special. Almost all of the "Phoenix Family" was there including people I haven't seen in close to 15 years. It was a really nice way to give love and respect to our fallen friend and celebrate his life at the place where most of us grew to know him. We miss ya Nate!

That was Saturday and then Sunday we did our annual Christmas at my parents. We open presents on Christmas Eve at my parents house. I used to think it's because we'd drive to my Grandparents house on Christmas Day so we got the big stuff out of the way on Christmas Eve. Now I think it's got something to do with me pestering my parents into letting us open gifts. Since we're getting a puppy Saturday (oh, I forgot to tell you all...we're getting a puppy Saturday...a Puggle!) most of our gifts were gift cards to Petco/Petsmart. I also scored some cash and my mom got me some new Wilco gear that hasn't arrived...still. More on that later.

That night my wife and I exchanged stockings (the Christmas ones you pervs!) and I got some candy, a DOUBLE INDEMNITY Special Edition DVD and a years subsciption to Paste magazine...which kicks ass. The next day we had Christmas with my dads side of the family, and it was nice. However what I really want to blog about took place last Monday, December 19.

On that day, I bought myself GUITAR HERO 2 off some dude on ebay. Look at that playlist! My goal for the four day weekend was to drink beer and play GH2. The guy assured me I'd have the game by Friday but when Friday rolled around, no game. I searched everywhere...maybe they came and the note blew off the door. I went to our old house in case there was confusion in shipping. No game. Anywhere. I eamiled the guy and he said Fed Ex had "lost the shipment" and they would call Tuesday. Dammitt! Around 1:00 Tuesday I hadn't heard anything so I called Fed Ex and gave them the shipping number. They said a tag had been created, but nothing ever shipped! What an asshole this guy is! He obviously didn't have the product he was selling and planned on getting it later. I mean, had this been my kids "big" Christmas gift, this jerk just ruined Christmas.

So after hearing this, I sent him 4 emails saying "I want it now" in varying degrees of anger. Now I see it's apparently on it's way as is a boatload of bad feedback for this dick. I just want my game dammit!! Grrr! I hope everyone else had a great holiday and oh! GO SEE "LITTLE CHILDREN!" It's the best movie of the year. Speaking of that, look for my top 10's this week!

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