Monday, January 22, 2007

30 mins!

I totally, totally love the NBC show "Heroes." It's been off the air for like, a month and tonight starts a big run of new episodes. I'll admit that I love to be a geek and jump on-board with really nerdy shows. I had a "Twin Peaks" phase, a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" phase, "X-Files," "Lost" and now "Heroes" big time! The show just has so much potential. I mean, the viewer and the characters are still finding out the limitations of the super powers...and we haven't even got to their superhero outfits yet! All the characters are well defined and Sylar, the villain, is great too. Even Sylar is still in his embryonic character stage as is everyone on the show. It's a cool feeling of discovery (like when Nathan just up and flew in that one episode!) and it really feels like you're along for the ride. "Heroes" and "The Office" are my two favorite shows with "Lost" a semi-close third.

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