Saturday, January 20, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dave!!

Today David Lynch is 60 years old! I celebreated early by attending a screening of his new film INLAND EMPIRE last night at the Rafael Theater in San Rafael. Dave was THERE!! The MC of the night introduced him and there he was...the genius...the kook...the artist. 20 yards ahead of me and accepting a five minute ovation with class and grace. He said some words and then introduced Special Agent Chet Desmond himself, Chris Isaak! Chris and his drummer Kenny did 2 songs, including Wicked Game and then off we went into dream land. Or, nightmare land.

I'm still letting the film sink in as I need to review it for Film Threat. Yet I will's weird. Duh. I loved it, but it's really long (3 hours) and incredibly fragmented. However Laura Dern turns in what I think might be one of the best pure acting jobs of all time. She has such range and such...bravery. It's pretty incredible. Another thing I'll say is that if anyone else had tried to pull off what INLAND EMPIRE does in terms of visual imagery, tone, "story" and all wouldn't fly. When you see a David Lynch film, you give yourself over to David Lynch and trust him to take you on a journey. It's pretty neat. After the film there was a terrific Q & A and Chris Isaak did two more songs. The highlight was David Lynch playing a tiny maraca.

If you want to have a truly great cinematic experience, go see INLAND EMPIRE when it hits a theater near you!

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