Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My name's Otto and I like to get blott-o

I'm not sure how well you can see this but it's thew backside of a street sign that has an 8"x12" picture of Otto from the Simpsons. You know, the stoney bus driver with metalhead tendencies? I started noticing that someone had put these pictures all over town recently and I gotta say, I don't get it. Granted, it's pretty funny and it's much cooler than straight up graffitti, but it's still vandalism. Yes, vandalism that makes me laugh and go "WTF?" but vandalism nonetheless.

I saw the Otto pictured above at a stop light in the boonies (more or less) of Santa Rosa but like I said, they're everywhere. Back of street signs, on street signs in middle-of-the-street islands, electrical boxes. Basically any flat metal surface in town and they're especially prevalent by my house which is near a park and a middle school...where it makes sense. However Otto-tagger is all over town and he/she is very thorough.

I just think it's weird and call me old, but really kind of pricey. I mean, the person (or people) doing it is printing hundreds of them up and that's costly. Plus they're either printing on sticker paper or they're buying glue to stick 'em. Plus, placing them everywhere takes alot of time. I'll be on the lookout for more. I'm sure you can hardly wait.

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