Wednesday, May 02, 2007

We're All in This Together

I'm reading Owen King's book of short-stories (and a novella) called "We're All in This Together" and it's simply amazing. I was totally, totally, totally blown away by the novella within the book (which is titled "We're All in This Together") and I didn't want it to end. Sometimes I get bored and kind of zip through pages, but with this story, I really took my time. It was like eating a really good piece of cake where you just savor it. I savored the words and every once in a while, King would throw in some vital piece of info so casually and so pwerfully, I had to set the book down and gather myself to put together what had just happened. King writes in such a cool way. He's extremely creative yet throws in pop culture references that fit and don't attract undue attention to themselves. He throws them out there then works them into the story in a way that works. Dare I say...genius?

I won't give details about the story as I won't do it justice. The nuts and bolts are: a kid in the year 2000 is at that crossroads in life where you have to grow up. He hangs out with his retired union organizer grandpa (who is a raging pothead) and tries to ruin his mother upcoming marriage to a real L7 square. The story is told in flashback (or as if the author were in the present, as it were) and it's just great. I haven't laughed out loud at a book in a while nor have I felt such deep feelings of sadness as well as kindred spiritness in both the author and the characters in the book.

I finished the first short story last night and it was good. I really dig King's writing style. But it's to the point where the novella blew my doors off so hard, everything that comes after it will be held unfairly to comparison. I may switch over to something else to let my feelings chill out.

Go get this book! It's the perfect springtime/summer read. You'll love it, I promise.

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