Monday, May 21, 2007

Well hello there!

So this past Saturday after my Grandma's 80th bday party I went to a friends "party." Apparently his landlord was out of town so he was throwing down. This appealed to me for a few reasons. First, I was bored and had nothing to do at home so that was a distraction. Second, the guy having the party is a good friend and a cool guy. Third, at my age any time a friend who isn't a friend of your friends kids or nephews is having a kegger type thing because they live with their parents/landlord/wife and that parent/landlord/wife is gone so there's a party, I feel obligated to go. Mostly out of a sense of feeling incredibly old and dating faster than sour cream on a hot spring day. So, my wife and I went.

Once there we quickly realized we weren't nearly stoned or drunk enough to coexist with the other people there. I'm not into smoking and I had to drive home so drinking (much) was out. Instead we tried to sit through one of the longest beers of my life. One cool thing was, the guys had like, 5-6 of those big ole Heinekin kegs cans. You know the ones that look like regular cans but really hold like, 3 quarts? Those have always proved difficult to me because the idea of a giant beer can full of beer sitting in my fridge and then my stomach is awesome. But asisde from MGD, Michelob Ultra and generic "BEER," Heiniken is a beer I just don't like. I'll drink it if it's there and free, but I can't abide by having a giant can of it in my fridge. Unless I've stolen it.

I relayed that piece of info to the gathered Lebowski's, Cheech's and Spicoli's and this one old dude (who in hindsight was probably someones dad....awkward) and I remembered the Coors Light Party Ball. This was a 5-gallon "beer in a box" that came out in the early 90's and it was awesome. We had countless tailgate parties and house parties supplied by the Coors Light Party Ball. I used to work in a quick stop (more or less) and one of the regulars always had one flowing from the back of his work truck. It was pretty much totally awesome. But then they just went away.

Me and the dad-at-the-party reminisced about the death of the Coors Light Party Ball and filled in all the youngin's on what they had missed. Then I thankfully drained my Lagunitas IPA and we left. Cut to; tonight. I went to 7-11 for suppiles and saw the above pictured giant can of Coors light!!! As much as I have become a beer snob, I still like Coors Light. I can drink a bunch of it and never really feel hammered and it cannot be beat on a hot day. And now, it comes in a GIANT CAN that will soon find it's way into my fridge...and then my heart.

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