Monday, May 15, 2006

I guess that's where everyone meets Mitch...

For Mother's day we had a big ole family outing to The Tides restraunt in Bodega Bay. I love the Tides because Alfred Hitchcock filmed part of THE BIRDS there and it's my second favorite Hitchcock movie (Behind VERTIGO, of course). The gift shop there has some really fun THE BIRDS gifts and the last 2 times I was there, they had a mousepad that had THE BIRDS poster on it. When I found out we were heading to Bodega Bay, I remembered the mouse pad. I need a new one because I spilled something (beer) on it last week. But alas, they were all out of THE BIRDS mousepads! All I got was a Tippi Hedren lightswitch cover. Truth be told, that's much cooler than the mousepad.

Anyway....dinner was good and very interesting. I took some photos for all you non-Nor Cal people who read my blog and have never been to Bodega Bay.

This is a dock that's just next to The Tides. In the movie, it's the spot where Melanie rents the boat to go stalk Mitch. My uncle said they tore down the dock that was used in the movie, but I think he might be wrong. He also thought my cousin had a bottle of Jamesons in his pocket so, he can't be trusted. They definitely took down part of the dock, but this looks like it to me:

Here's a view of the bay from the deck of The Tides. In the movie, it's the part where Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) crosses the Bay in the rented boat and leaves some lovebirds on Mitch's front porch.

There were eight of us in the car so I couldn't convince them to stop by the School House or the Church, both of which were in the movie. But I'll go back soon for the mousepad and I'll grab some pics then.

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