Sunday, May 07, 2006

Yay..a poodle.

I had to work today which was not something I was excited about. There was a Cinco de Mayo celebration and I was asked to provide a fun game for the kids so I brought out the old BINGO set. Old people and kids love Bingo.

Luckily my booth was under some trees so it was shady cuz it was damn hot today! Then, the balloon clown lady showed up. Ugh. I, like most kids raised in the 70's and 80's, am distrustful of all clowns. I don't have to say why when I can just post this:

Nuff said.

Anyway...the balloon clown lady starts making (you guessed it) Poodles and the like and I can't tell if she's being silly or has a head injury. She just seems out of it. Aside from the last part of this story I'm telling, the second funniest thing of the day was when she kept trying to make a bunny for some kid and whenever she was just about done, a balloon would pop. After 3-4 times, she looks at the kid and goes, "So what color snake do you want?"

Yet the funniest thing was after I applauded her for making a really cool alien balloon. It really was kind of neat, considering. As the kid she made it for walks away, she comes over to me and goes, "You think that balloon is cool? I do parties for "all ages," if you know what I mean...all agesand I can make some balloons...well....I think you know what I mean. Balloons that I couldn't bust out here, you know? I'd get in trouble...."

Uhh. Yeah, I get it weird clown balloon lady. But what makes you think a slightly hungover man sweating and running a bingo game under a tree wants a giant penis or boob balloon?? I left soon after that. B-9 be damned.

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