Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bad sandwich turns great

This story has a Shyamalan ending....stay tuned....

When I'm feeling stressed out or on the run, there's a deli right by the freeway here that has the BEST tuna sandwich. Not too much mayo, no celery and lots of fun little chunks in there like green and black olives and maybe pickles. It's like someone who really likes chewing antipasto barfed in your tuna...but in a good way. So today I was running late to work after my directing class and I was starved so I went to the deli. Unbeknownst to me, they sold it and now there's an apparently very nice Middle Eastern Family running the joint.

It was pretty funny in hindsight because usually there's a bevvy of slacker punks making sandwhiches, looking hungover and trying to act like they give a shit. When I rolled in I was like, "Oh, they hired a hispanic lady for the deli. Oh...wait...Middle Eastern...oh wait, they never come in ones...wait...Oh man, I think someone sold the deli." Then I saw an older guy stocking stuff, a middle aged guy moving a shelf...sure enough, they sold the deli. While I harbor no ill will towards immigrants owning a deli, I feared the worst for my tuna sandwich. But the lady took my order and I was kindly and promptly rang up.

I got in my car and laid out the chips, napkins, diet coke and packaged sandwich on the passenger seat so I could eat and drive "safely." I opened the sammy. The tuna looked O.K. BUT...she made my sandwich with the heel of the bread! THE HEEL!! Ugh!!! I hate the heel. Ugh. But, I was late and hungry and truth me told, it was O.K. Just O.K. A little bready though. Not enough martini olives. Safe to say, I won't be back.

So I roll on to work listening to Wilco Live at the Ryman Autotorium and when I get to the point where I have to go over a mountain to get to work (I shit you not), I turn off my phone. I cruise while eating, get to the downside and turn my phone on. There's a message from John at the Austin Film Festival. Austin, Texas that is. Land I love. Cheap beer, I think I forgot to mention I entered the short documentary I made into the fest.

Normally, I think, they don't call to tell you that you didn't get in. Such was the case here. The movie I made with my buddy John GOT INTO THE AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL!!!!! I'm so freeking PSYCHED! I'll write more later but just wanted to share with the 4 of you that I got my film into the documentary shorts competition at the Austin Film Festival!!!!

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