Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Get 'em Keith!

I always loved Keith Olbermann when he was on ESPN. When he made the switch to MSNBC, I lost track of him. Lately I tuned in here and there because Randi Rhodes on Air-America speaks so highly of him and I noticed the guy is like....a better John Stewart.

Don't get me wrong, I love John Stewart and "The Daily Show." But a 30 minute show really doesn't give you mush time to delve into topics in a deep way. Yet Olbermann steadfastly refuses to let the right slap him around (much like Stewart) and he's got an hour to do it with. "Countdown" is a better news show than "The Daily Show" as well. Olbermann is every bit as funny, smug, assured and liberal as Stewart, but he also can get serious. For instance, this here.

That is some Edward R. Murrow type stuff right there. Last night, Olbermann took umbrage with G.W. Bush for saying something to the effect of how Americans should "never even think our morals are aligned with those of terrorists." While it would be nice if Americans were not terrorists, Olbermann's point and I agree is that...as Americans we are totally allowed to "think" whatever we want. Bush disagrees. It's an excellent point.

I just wanted to encourage people to start watching Olbermann because he's going to start getting backlash really, really soon. And if what he's done so far is any indication, he won't take it sitting down. You don't want to miss it!

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