Monday, November 19, 2007

EBAY is harassing me.

So I made boo-boo with my ebay account. Here's the deal...
I had a credit card on file with Pay Pal and that credit card expired before I could swap it out. Then I somehow managed to forget my Pay Pal password and accidentally blocked myself out of the site. While this is going on, I won an auction for a $4 bendy toy action figure thingy. I was going to do some stop-motion animating in my massive amount of free time.

So, I call Pay Pal and in order to reinstate my account to me, I need to provide them with the credit card number. Since the credit card had expired and I replaced it, I cut up the old credit card and tossed it. The guy at Pay Pal then said I would have to have the BANK fax them a clearance to which I responded, "are you high? Do you think I have time to have the bank fax you my information? Can't I just tell you my moms maiden name and my dogs name and we can move forward?"

"No, sorry" was the response.

So I then think to myself, well screw it. I'll just let that account sit there and I'll open another one under another email. Brilliant! I set one up and then went through similar phone BS that basically ended up being, I can't change the Pay Pal account or email or some such thing on my Ebay. I need to jump through the hoops to get my Pay Pay fixed. But in the meantime, I have yet to pay my $9 ($5 shipping) for my bendy toy and so now, my Ebay account has a strike and I'm on like, double secret academic probation suspension. And it's all rather annoying and I really don't shop much on Ebay but knowing I can't is really frustrating. But here's the kicker...Ebay emails me about 6 times a week to remind me I have "a strike" and my account is on hold.

I mean, Jesus H. Ebay....I frigging get it. I won an item, did not pay and now I'm in trouble. But for F-'s sake....don't you people think I know by now?! It's reminding me of that storyline in "Short Cuts" where Lyle Lovett keeps pestering the couple who just lost their son to pay for and pick up the cake they bought. He keeps crank calling them and won't let it go that they never picked up and paid for a cake they bought for their kid...when truth was the kid got hit by a car and died. Boy did Lyle's character feel shitty when he found out what happened.

I seriously want to call Ebay and make up some crazy, sad thing that happened but that's never good karma. But still....leave me alone Ebay! I'll fix my shit soon...sheesh...

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