Sunday, November 11, 2007

Living and learning...

I love to learn. Seriously. As much as it bites me in the ass in that I know seemingly a teeny, tiny, miniscule bit about everything...just enough to have a conversation with any annoying nut job at a bar or supermarket, I LOVE finding new writers, filmmakers, music...pop culture phenomenon ("Jenkem," anyone?) and whatnot. It's just the bees knees. But when Norman Mailer died the other day, alot of people I enjoy reading were writing their little blog tributes and I seriously had no clue who he was.

Sure, I heard the name and saw the youtube clip posted below (which is freeking...amazing. We don't get "real" moments like that EVER these days) but really, why was he famous? Who was Norman Mailer? I had no idea and I just spent the last hour reading about him and damn it if he wasn't exactly the kind of brilliant/perma-damaged/creative force freakshow I usually find solace in.

My point is that although I can still remember the original "Herbie the Love Bug" license plate (OFP 857)...I'll never know anywhere close to anything. I'm not down about it, I'm just saying.

Enjoy Norman Mailer -vs- Rip Torn on the set of Mailers film "Maidstone"...

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