Sunday, November 18, 2007

lazy blogger...

....i didn't even bother to capitalize.

But seriously...
Many times I wonder how a book or movie becomes "a classic." In terms of newly found crazes, that is.. I generally miss the rise as it comes up, or wholly disagree. But lately I've been reading several people who are just crazy about Bob Rafelson's "Five Easy Pieces." I read many blog innuendoes before and finally caught the film about a year and a half ago...when we had "On-Demand"...which, corporate levelling aside...RULES!!'s a really, really under-the-radar-yet-you-must-see movies.

There's one scene in particular which apparently sums up the feelings of post-60's hippies as well as 80's kids....or something. It's the one below...and it's just fucking great. Seriously, greatX5. But the whole movie is really good and much like small time classics such as..."Harold and Maude" and "Edward Scissorhands" (that people have rethought and said, "ya know...that shit was the shit!!) I think "Five Easy Pieces" is a GREAT movie on the fast track to being the movie cool/smart/hip people go "Ohh man, that was great!" then get all wrong in their assessment of it.

No matter what you think of the whole thing, here's a clip to whet your appetite...Friend-o. Go rent'll be deemed cool somewhere, sometime.

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