Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ohh if you knew how I felt now, you wouldn't act so adult now..

My favorite band of all time, as has been duly noted here, is The Replacements. They were, to quote their singer Paul Westerberg, sadly beautiful. They could rock your socks off with one song, then turn around and touch your heart in the next. Then they'd get really drunk, forget their songs and still manage a helluva show. Or so I hear. I never got to see them.

There's also something about them I especially love and loved about Jawbreaker, one of my other favorite bands. They just didn't give a shit about the big time. Jawbreaker did a legendary thing when grunge and Greenday hit in that they let every record exec in town fly them to L.A. or New York, put them up in the finest hotels and let these record companies wine and dine them. All without the slightest intention of EVER signing with any of them. When they finally signed (like, 4 years later), they let the record company buy them all new shit, they toured the world, and then broke up so they wouldn't owe the corporation anything. Sucked for all us Jawbreaker fans, but they did it all on their terms. Which brings me to The Replacements.

The Mats were a big underground band that seemed to be bubbling below the surface of the mainstream for years. They finally got asked to play Saturday Night Live which, for them, was probably a total shock. And hey, that's pretty freeking huge....especially in 1986 when that show didn't suck. So they agree to do the show, fly out there...and this clip below shows what happened. They were awesome, drunk, hilarious and then they all fell down.

Then some years later, Paul came back to SNL as a solo artist and this happened:

Man, I love the Mats.

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