Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I'll admit it, I read the gossip websites. Pretty much everyday. It keeps me up on what's new with celebs and their nip-slips and rehabs. Plus, it also spares me the hours involved in reading magazines or watching those daily gossip TV shows that are usually like, a week late on their info anyway. That being said, I'm totally Brittnied out.

I feel really bad for her and I must say, this whole...watching her fall thing is truly similar to Roman Gladiators or those slaves they'd throw to the lions just to watch them get torn apart. It's gone from "WTF happened!?!?!" to "dude, that chick is nuts" to "dude, that chick has seriously lost it" to just plain sad. I admit, as a storyteller/screenwriter/filmmaker, you simply cannot make up the shit that's this poor girl has gone through. It's sincerely tragic and it will end badly for Ms. Spears. And that's sad. I mean it, it's really sad.

Anywho, I remember seeing this clip a few years ago, before the nuttiness really kicked in and man, it was super funny. It's super funny now as well. But watch it and really listen to the last 10-15 seconds. Man, that's the kicker. It's the final scene in the documentary on Brittney Spears that will come out 5 years after we drag her down and pretend we didn't have a hand in her demise.

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