Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Just sayin'

Since we all apparently can't get enough of politics this season, I wanted to share my insight on the whole Clinton/Obama throwdown. That photo above has graced the back of my staunchly right-wing neighbor's huge truck since we moved in over a year ago. Over a year ago...before Hillary Clinton even announced she was running.

I snapped a pic of it the other day but wanted to post it because there was a big hullabaloo on right wing radio yesterday (particularly by the fat druggie Rush Limbaugh) saying voters in these swing states should NOT vote for McCain as he has the republican nomination sewn up, but rather they should vote for Hillary so "the democratic party can continue ripping itself apart." However anyone who pays any attention to the talkies out there know the republicans feel they can beat Hillary but not Obama and that's why Rush wants to try and get her more votes.

The righties hate the Clintons and they're already prepping all kinds of smears should Hillary get the nom. Couple that with that bumper sticker above and throw in the fact Obama has more buzz than "Vampire Weekend" or "No Country for Old Men" and couple that with the fact any "ripping apart" of the party is being done by sneaky Hillary and I think the writing is on the wall.

If you're reading this and are voting today, please vote Obama. I hate to pull a Rove, but a vote for Hillary is a vote for McCain. If Hillary wins the democratic nomination, McCain is your next president. You read it here folks. Do the right thing....vote Obama!

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Anonymous said...

San Rafael High ROCKS Your neighbor must be a great guy!!!!!!