Saturday, March 01, 2008

My how time flies

I've always tried to "manage" at least one band since the time I was about 18 years old. I love live music and here's a secret: if you're the manager, you get into shows free and get free drinks! I'm basically the person that books shows for various bands and right now (and for the past what, 10 years?) it's been my best buddies five a.m.. Before them was a 7-12 piece funk/R&B band called "Grand Junction." THAT was fun but trying to get 7-12 musicians to do anything is a frigging nightmare.

But still, I remember those 6 months to a year as some of the most fun I've ever had. The band would get together in various living rooms and just mess around musically. Jazz, blues, funk....they'd bring in some obscure record and learn a song and then just play it live. My good friend Sonya sang in the band but the main attraction was this funkmaster punk kid named Eric Lindell. After Grand Junction fell apart Eric switched to guitar full time and started some various blues-type bands in the area that were pretty popular. Then, he moved to New Orleans where he took off like a bottlerocket. Eric always had "star quality" and a great personality so it wasn't a surprise when he gained popularity nationally after his movie.

Me, Erica and Story went and saw him do an in-store appearance today at Last Record Store and then I came home and found this...

Man, one day you got a guy stuffed in your Suzuki Samurai with 6 other people, racing to a gig...the next day, he's on Conan. Way to go Eric!!

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