Thursday, March 13, 2008

Still alive.

Yeah, I'm still here in Austin....nothing much to report though. Well, nothing that would translate into something interesting for you. The rodeo/Styx concert Thursday was completely amazing. It was everything Styx at a Texas rodeo should be. Then the Film Threat crew (Mark and Pete) got into town and movies commenced. And a whole lot of rock band which Mark loves. And by loves I mean, starts visibly shaking if he can't play. Film Threat had a really fun party Sunday and we had rock band and I played. There's some hillarious pics on Film Threat.

Lets see....I saw alot of terrific small films. SXSW is the best at getting non-trendy, really creative films into their fest. I appreciate the diversity and the fact that I'd estimate the suck factor for SXSW over the past 4 years has been like...10%. That is to say 10% of all the movies I've seen here in 4 years have been less than good. That's pretty impressive. I'd put Sundance at about a 92% suck factor.

So yeah, saw alot of movies. Went to some parties. Drank alot of beer and then Pete and Mark left and now I'm in the cheaper hotel across the river. It's cool though because there's a Hooters across the street and a restaurant I LOVE called Threadgills next door. I saw Steve Poltz there yesterday and I'm about to walk out and see Roky Erikson's Psychadelic Ice Cream Social featuring Thurston Moore. I also saw Bob Schneiders R&B band The Scabs which were great.

Tonight the Old 97's are playing but not till 1 a.m. so we'll see. Oh, by the way, I'm sick and have been sick the WHOLE time I've been here and it's really dragging me down as late. I didn't let it bug me during the film fest (which is to say I stayed out past 2 a.m. everynight drinking) and now,'s tough. But I shall sally forth. Here's some random pics I have....

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