Monday, February 06, 2006

Funny Monday Stuff...

Happy Monday everyone! Here are 2 things to brighten your day...

1. While at Sundance, me and the boys decided that Steve Martin must be stopped. Thus, I created an "Open Letter to Steve Martin" over on the Film Threat blogs located here. I think it's funny anyway.

2. Last year, Eric from Film Threat got a DVD of the "Found Footage Film Festival." It's all these insane videos that people have found at thrift stores, in basements and on old VHS tapes. They put em all together and then the films tour the country. Well, our favorite is "Jack Rebney, the Angry Man" and boy, is he PISSED. Eric gave me a DVD of the whole fest, but his part is still the best....even better than the Wendy's new employees rap or the Mr. T love yourself video.

I google searched Jack Rebney and found the video online and you simply have to watch it. It's NOT SAFE FOR's about 90% swearing. It's the outtakes of Mr. Rebney trying to make an RV infomercial. Watch it here. You won't be sorry.

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