Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Over on Pete's Blog, he started a funny little internet game and tagged me to play along. I usually can't do these things because I end up beating myself up over what should be in, what I put in and changed my mind about, what I'm (evidently) full of shit about, etc. But I played anyway. At the end, I'll pass the buck and probably to the 3-4 people who read this blog and comment people have been warned.

Four Jobs I've Had:
Shoe Salesman
Pizza (and beer!) Delivery
Film Courier

Four Concerts I've Never Seen but would like to have:
1. The Replacements...preferably on the "Let it Be" or "Hootenanny" tour
2. The Beatles at Candlestick Park
3. The Who at the Cow Palace (When Keith Moon passed out and they had an open audition for a drummer to play the rest of the set)
4. Slobberbone's last show

Four People I'd like to meet:
Jeff Tweedy
Stanley Kubrick
Sarah Silverman
Michael Savage (I'd love to smash his face in)

Four Movies I have Memorized + a few:
Say Anything (chicks dig me)
Kicking and Screaming (Baumbach, not Ferrel)
That Thing You Do!
Reality Bites
The Apartment
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Jesus....I have an odd affection for girlie movies...

Four Sites I go to everyday(too lazy to link em):
Film Threat

Four TV Shows that were cancelled because because I liked them:
Twin Peaks
Northern Exposure
Six Feet Under
Love Monkey...oh, wait...

Four Places I want to visit before I die:
New York City (during baseball or football season preferably)
Paris, TX (just kidding, France)

Four People I'm now tagging

Neil Harvey (he may be a closeted genius)
Mary Colleen (she reads my blog and is usually pretty funny...usually)
Trent (because he won't do it)
Erica (because she's about to have a whole lotta free time)

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