Tuesday, December 13, 2005

And now for a really big shew...really big

In an attempt to avoid the inevitable, I've been taking 6 units a semester at Santa Rosa Junior College in order to not pay back my $20,000 in student loans. The plan is to take "fun" classes until I get all my credit cards paid off, then start in on the student loan. Brilliant! As such, I have a digital video class and an introduction to Theatre Arts class that are wrapping up this week. Past classes have included golf, screenwriting (which I have an AA and a BA in...and got a fucking C- on my script in the class...nice) and another digital video class. Easy, easy stuff.

Today we had a student film festival to show our final projects and I showed a video I made for the band I work with...five a.m. I originally had a really great idea for a video but I don't want to share because I might still do it. But then I realized that what people don't see is all the boring ass driving a band has to do just to bring you some rock n roll goodness. It's incredibly ass numbing and tedious. So I cobbled together a bunch of video I have collected recently and over the years and made a video for the song "Already Gone." I think it came out really well. It's kind of...a weekend on the road with the band. Only shorter.

We showed it in class and even though I have made other shorts before, I've only watched them in front of a group maybe once....so I was kinda nervous. Plus, the song is really beautiful and slow and the other shorts included one guy lighting himself on fire, getting slapped and jumping off rooftops (cleverly named "dumbass") and 4 other shorts were skate/bmx/snowboard videos. The 3-4 other ones were actually quite good.

Anyway, the video should be up on my website soon and it went off without a hitch. I got extremely lucky matching up the live footage to the song. A few times during editing I had to like....watch it 2-3 times because I couldn't believe how in-sync it was. I was forseeing a mega headache matching it up...but it worked. Everyone in class seemed to like it....but I'm sure they would have liked to see more farts getting lit on fire. Ah, youth.

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